And my body has cleared itself!

I want to tell readers how I cured myself of psoriasis ... I am now 52 years old. Psoriasis became ill in 1960. The first plaques appeared at his elbow, a small abrasion on the spot, even in childhood. At first, they do not cause great concern, but over the years, patches of psoriasis appeared on my feet, head and torso. He had been treated in hospitals, went to his grandmother, but relieved if it was, it is temporary. Then again poured spot of psoriasis.

In 1985, 40 percent of the surface of my body has been plagued by illness and I went to a skin clinic for treatment. There, the doctor used a new to me at the time treatment of psoriasis. And I began to treat pill "Methotrexate" (USA). The result was positive. Three weeks later, my body had cleared almost completely. But six months later patches started to appear again. Since then, and until 1993 had escaped from them pills "methotrexate". Purified tablets and 5-7 months went almost clean. But in 1993, started a very strong peaking, which tablets have not helped. Plaque psoriasis covered nearly 90 percent of the body. I became a bed-and barely reached the toilet. Bleeding cracks were in all places bends (elbows, knees, feet, on the trunk, neck). Pains in the joints: could not lift even 3 liters of water. Assumed that started psoriatic arthritis (when psoriasis goes into joints).
No lie, read a lot of literature (medical, according to popular methods of treatment) of psoriasis in particular, and the improving condition of the body in general. Of all the reading drew particular attention to the book Malakhov "healing" (on the rehabilitation of the body without the use of drugs). I read the book twice and finally realized that only this method will save me.
I started with what changed his diet. The first excluded from the diet, all the sweet, salty, smoked, fat, and cereals (white flour), milk, eggs, coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol. Ten days later proceeded to cleanse the colon with urinovyh (most effective) enemas. Within a week he felt that the worsening of psoriasis has slowed down. He continued to do an enema and began a short-term starvation (up to three days). A week later noticed that the deterioration has stopped, and the formation of scales significantly decreased. Fully implemented cleaning cycle of the large intestine (for five weeks), conducted three brief fasting, cleansing the liver and made my body has cleared itself (with no ointments and medications). After two months (since the beginning of the application of this technique), my body was almost clean. He continued to limit themselves to use the above products, as they could once again clog the colon and all the works on cleaning the body would be wasted.
For nine years (from 1993 to today) once per quarter, I continue to clean the colon and liver by the method of GP Malakhov. Follow the same diet and all this time my psoriasis is practically not there. Sometimes the rashes were small (the size of a match head) on the elbows and hands (especially after heavy drinking), but they disappear by themselves within one to two weeks. Therefore, from alcohol, if possible, try to refrain.
Here's a technique I picked up for myself and without believing it. I hope it suits many people to cleanse the body from psoriasis and healing of the whole organism.
That's it. If someone has questions or suggestions please. Be sure to answer.

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