... And the treacherous psoriasis ever leave you!

Once in one of the rooms "Grandma" read the article Khvorostova AF about how he completely cured his psoriasis ...

Once in one of the rooms "Grandma" read the article Khvorostova AF how he completely cured his psoriasis. He was treated by cleaning the body: colon, gastrointestinal tract, liver, etc. I confess, always skeptical of nontraditional therapies. Well, I thought, what have the intestine, stomach and liver to skin disease? Nonsense kind. I read the newspaper until the end and forgot about this article, though I suffer from psoriasis for 28 years.

And one calls me an old friend (also psoriatik), with whom we are often in an attempt to cure common disease encountered in a skin clinic
He says: "Come
I'll show you something very interesting
I came, and he says: "Look!" Removes his shirt, shirt, and ... Oh God! Do not believe my eyes! His body is absolutely clean, without any spots of psoriasis
Yet another 1,5 months ago, almost all of it was strewn with large plaques
Even when treated at a hospital in such a vast stage psoriasis is muffled only for 2-2,5 months, and even then - the body is not completely cleared
And then - he stands in front of me as a newcomer
I was stunned with surprise
I asked: "What? How import tool? "And he replied asking if I had read a newspaper" Grandma "and in particular the special edition number 41 for 2002
, Which published an article about Khvorostova total recovery of psoriasis? I thought and I said that I had read, and do not believe
"But I believe - said - Posted by the author of this article, and sent me a detailed description of 10 printed sheets of body cleansing techniques to cure psoriasis
Immediately began to do everything as it says "

For six weeks, my friend was treated by this method and the results I saw with my own eyes. However, on my feet a little plaque is left (on my feet, they dissolve in the last turn), but they are not peeling off and slowly began to go. This technique consists of 5 cycles: colon cleansing, cleanse the body with the help of short-term fasting, washing the whole digestive tract cleanse the body due to changes in supply; cleanse the liver.

"I'm not going to stop there, - said my friend - and keep on cleansing of the body according to the method. And ask you to write to the newspaper "Grandma" story, because I do not have this ability, which tell about my great results of healing techniques and thank the author, of course, give a low bow version of our favorite newspaper. "

Tell the truth - there is nothing more convincing than a good example, and his results have convinced me completely. In general, I have copied this technique at home immediately proceeded to cleanse the body. For three weeks being treated and the results quite satisfied. First, the aggravation is widening, then stopped, and now has started a so-called regression, lighting plaque psoriasis, reduction of peeling, and in some places - even the disappearance of the plaque. I fully believe this technique with an accuracy performs each recommendation. Later, he decided to follow the recommended schedule of repeated purges of the body. I believe that now permanently forget about psoriasis.

And from the pages of our dear newspapers want to express my deep gratitude to the author of this rescue technique Khvorostova AF for his sensitivity and generosity. How many sick people, he offered hope for healing, suggested a way out of seemingly hopeless situation already!

I wanted to write to the newspaper and the address of this remarkable man, by which I felt at last that I will be again a normal full-fledged person, I can safely wear revealing clothes, sunbathe on the beach, visit the baths, which could not have done the past 20 years, but decided to ask Khvorostova AF Once again, in more detail, describe their methodology. Let readers who do not know about it, become familiar with this treatment and finally cured of an insidious psoriasis.

Yes Certainly not one thousand people helped the newspaper "Grandma". Statistics I do not know, however, based on personal experience, I know that psoriasis in our time - one of the most common diseases.

Dear Editors A low bow to you and thanks for the noble cause that you spend on the pages of newspapers. In our difficult time, your newspaper is that saving straw, for which the drowning man in diseases to our people.
Now I and my companion until the end of life will be your regular subscribers. Once again, thank you very much.

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