Problems with the skin and hair? What's right for you, decide for yourself

This cream - for very dry skin. For normal to do it without the fat, but with vegetable oil, for fat - no fat and oil ...

Hello, "Grandma!

By his advice I want to help people who have problems with skin and hair.

This hand cream, leg and face I cook alone and I use it for many years
I do it in spring and autumn, and with variations (each woman should choose the components individually)
To prepare the cream you need 3 yolks, 2 tablespoons
honey, 1 tablespoon
vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons
Internal (pork, goose, rabbit, goat, etc
) Melted in a dry frying pan fat, 200 g of household cream, 150 grams of salicylaldehyde or medical alcohol (700), lemon juice, viburnum, strawberries or other fruits and berries, that someone suitable
Rub the yolks with the honey, gradually, all the time by adding vegetable oil, hot oil, cream, alcohol, and 2 tablespoons
Raster everything until homogenous, fold the mixture into sterile half-quart jar, cover and store in refrigerator
This cream - for very dry skin
For normal to do it without the fat, but with vegetable oil, for fat - no fat and oil
Now juices
Their selection is very big, and every woman should add a (for example, bleach face - cucumber, lemon browned - viburnum, raspberry, rose, strawberry, peach for dry skin - plum, peach, flabby skin - carrot juice; with irritation - potato juice)
If you have any fruit allergy, do not use them

This cream should be in every home. After the bath I'm doing with him a mask, and the wrinkles are smoothed. If damaged hair chemistry, or flogged - lubricate them for an hour before washing cream, put the rubber cap, shawl, and then wash off. Hair restored.

But to cope with dry seborrhea and dandruff help this recipe. Take 1-2 tablespoons castor oil and rub well with a 1-2 egg yolk (the number of components depends on the length of hair). The prepared mixture for 3-5 minutes with your fingers to rub in hair and hair roots. Put the rubber cap or plastic bag, wrapped her head warm scarf and leave for 1 hour. Then rinse with boiled water (boiled with grass or a piece of apple, to defend). Rinse 2-3 times without detergent. Make the procedure daily until recovery. The hair will be shiny, and brawny and dandruff will disappear.

For oily seborrhea need to take any fresh milk, pour half a cup in a bowl, and dipping into his fingers, rub in the hair for 2-3 minutes. You then need to moisten the gauze in milk or cotton handkerchief, wrap the scalp, put on top plastic bag, wrap a towel and a warm scarf. Soak 1 hour, then wash your hair as usual. But remember, the more you pour the shampoo, the more often you will wash your hair, the fatter they are. Several procedures will be sufficient to cope with seborrhea.

May God help you! Whatever faith you may be - always ask for help from God, pray to Him, and He will help you!

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