With acne fighting should be: cleanliness of the body - your reward

Acne - is acne on the face, neck, back or shoulders. Usually the disease manifests itself in adolescence, during puberty, but sometimes they suffer and adults

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My article would like to dedicate acne.

Acne - is acne on the face, neck, back or shoulders
Usually the disease manifests itself in adolescence, during puberty, but sometimes they suffer and adults who did not know of acne in their youth
The main reason - increased sensitivity to sex hormone testosterone
Violation of its level makes the sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of sebum, necessary to protect the scalp from drying out, and this surplus clogs streams, creating a greasy tube, manifested in the form of black dots
The dark color of the eel is not due to pollution, and the influence of oxygen on the tube, formed in the sebaceous glands
If a black point to penetrate the bacteria, it becomes inflamed and there is a pink spot
Subsequently, these pimples can become a solid education or pineal cysts filled with fluid
After their healing on the skin are unsightly scars
Sebaceous glands is regulated by hormones and often rises in times of puberty, menstrual, pregnancy, emotional stress used steroids, birth control pills and other influencing endocrine agents
Playing the role of heredity, and in women acne sometimes signal the polycystic ovary

Acne is not provoked or exacerbated by food, even if they are allergenic, although the use of some of them need to reduce in your diet.

To avoid scarring, you should not pick or squeeze acne, keep it clean hands when rubbing the affected area, use of only fresh cotton swabs, daily washing with soap or detergent solution, not too dry skin, and enjoy protivougrevoy or oily cosmetics, using Moisture, light cream.

The ability to calm acne have ultraviolet rays, so you need at least an hour a day to warm sunlight struck rash space. Protective creams and lotions should not contain para-aminobenzoic acid, fat and have protivougrevymi properties.

Excellent effect has attachment to the affected places swab soaked in tea tree oil. The latter can be diluted with water.

Try not to stay long in conditions of high humidity.

Acne is aggravated by dietary supplements that contain iodine and iodized salt.

Hair should not fall on the face, especially if they are fat. If you have acne on my forehead, do not use gel or mousse for hair.

The cause of outbreaks of acne can be chocolate. Usually the illness level of blood vitamin A is depressed, so you should try to get this vitamin in sufficient quantity, together with food. They are rich in milk, butter, eggs, carrots and liver.

With exacerbation of acne is very good saturation of the body with vitamins B6, C, E, and selenium. It strengthens the immune system and inhibits the development of bacteria that contribute to the emergence of painful pimples. Well helps reception, along with vitamin tablets containing zinc and copper. They weaken the inflammation and help restore hormonal balance. Need to eat lots of fish.

Indispensable in the treatment of acne are the mushrooms. From the young fresh mushrooms - such as chanterelle, mushroom, boletus, orange-cap boletus, cep, oyster mushroom, shiitake, and any other edible - are preparing therapeutic lotion. For this mince mushrooms and pushed out of the mass of juice. This will be the lotion. Wipe them infected eels place 2-3 times a day. To lotion preserved, it is necessary for every 100 grams of it to add 30 g 40

Restore young cells of the epidermis, supporting the preservation of the membrane of skin cells, preventing them from dehydration, white mushrooms. Mush of fresh mushrooms is applied to the field, covered with acne, and keep to dry mushroom weight. This procedure helps whiten and pulling the skin, cleanses it from wrinkles and acne.

Mushroom treatment can be combined with herbal medicine. Here is the prescription.

1. Get the dry raw materials, grind and mix in equal parts by weight of dandelion and burdock root, nettle herb, yarrow, echinacea and Galium, then 1 tablespoon mixture poured a glass of boiled water, to insist to the cooling, strain and drink. Take 1-2 cups a day It is highly.

2. Pour a glass of water 3 tbsp dry basil, bring to a boil, remove from heat and cool. In the finished decoction moisten a cotton swab and wipe them, cleaning, the affected acne skin.

3. Once a day to clear acne face steam: 5-10 minutes to steam over a bowl of very hot water, covered with a towel. After that, the skin dry and wipe his face with rose water, chamomile extract, or tea of calendula flowers. Can be used for this purpose, the warm water, dilute it a few drops of vodka tincture of calendula, but the best lotion from the mushroom.

That's it. This is only a small part of what can be said about the treatment of acne. All your questions will answer in writing or by telephone.

I wish you all good health.

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