Cooking protivogemmoroidalnye candles

Pile of these candles resolve, and also delayed the crack of the rectum

Hemorrhoids advise treating cooked his own candles. Melt a pack (200 g) butter, cool and drain the whey, which was formed. Then put the oil on a water bath and constant stirring, slowly add 20 g of propolis, 10 g of resin and 10-20 g of wax, soak 1 hour. Then strain all through a gauze, a little cool and add the previously dissolved in 1 tsp water 0,5 g mummy and 2 tablespoons juice of celandine. Stir until a uniform mass, and from the mixture make small candles. Sticking them into the anus. Pile resorbed, as well as delayed the crack of the rectum. If hemorrhoids neglected, apart from treatment candles must be taken mummy solution (dissolved in 0.5 cups of warm water 0.2 g product, add 1 teaspoon honey and drink the evening before bed. On the morning on an empty stomach again. Drink intermittently for several months and sure that there was no constipation). Helps candles and women with inflammatory diseases (insert into the vagina).