Recipes, just in case help you look better

Paris fashion models refresh tired face like this: a piece of ice wrapped in a cloth soaked in lemon juice, and 5 minutes to massage the face and neck

Hello, "Grandma!

"Yes, that's over time and not enough" - you think. And in the mirror - proof. Look tired, pale skin, hair tiresome ... And as you want to look attractive!

This requires some work to do and know the basic rules that should be performed regularly.

- Once a year visits to the dentist for preventive inspection and repair "of teeth. This is important for beauty and health.

- From time to time, but better in autumn or spring, change the hairstyle. It is refreshing, improves mood.

- Once every two weeks to make their own or at the hairdresser manicure.

- Special warm bath and nourishing cream useful for the skin of the fingers and nails.

- On hands, smeared with nourishing cream, wear knitted gloves and leave at night - so the cream is better absorbed into the skin.

- Once a week ago, take a bath for relaxation. It is useful to lie down and relax in the bath with a fragrant foam. It has long been used for anti-stress foam bath. It is suitable for women of all ages. Nothing is more relaxing, like a hot bath. The smell of geranium relieves stress, relaxes muscles, calms nerves, relieves pain in joints. Foam does not contain hazardous components. 1 cap in the bath, the duration of 15 minutes, can be daily or every other day.

- Also a good relaxing effect makes it a bath, which added 6 drops of essential oil of lavender, 4 drops of geranium oil, 100 ml of emulsifier.

- A bath can be combined with massage, this is the perfect time, because the hot water expands the pores of the body and is improving. Bathtubs are particularly useful for those with oily skin. After the bath rub the body rigid towel and put on a special body wash.

- Once a week does not apply makeup to skin a rest. On this day, apply only bold or bold cream.

- Once a day, take a shower. Water should be warm. After a shower massages hard towel.

- Once a day, regardless of time to do even the simplest exercises. It will help maintain the flexibility and elegance of shape. It is enough for 5-10 minutes of daily exercise.

- Every day is clean the skin from dirt. On clean skin, apply a night cream. Before going to sleep well comb your hair brush to free them from the day gathered dust.

These councils - the minimum necessary to beauty, health and freshness. Try to implement them within a year, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the result.

- Juice of onion deduce freckles.

- To remove hair on her upper lip in women, you have to cut crude walnut and rub the juice into the skin.

- Mash berries of mountain ash, to make the night to the warts and fix. Grabs 8-10 procedures.

- Juice of fresh potato treat eczema, burns, blisters, sores, dermatitis.

- Fresh juice of cabbage rubbed into the scalp - it promotes hair growth, and Sauerkraut make lotions with juvenile acne on the neck and face, chest and back.

- If sunburn is helping pulp of grated carrots.

- Summer coarsens the skin on her heels. At 2-3 hours overlaid them with raw onions, then wash and brush with cream.

- Fresh juice of celandine deduce warts, lubricating them 5-7 times a week. The same action have garlic, roasted onions and fresh juice of dandelion.

- A real root of calamus with oak bark to rinse your mouth to remove the odor.

- When Athlete's Foot baths help a decoction of oak bark, fresh leaves of birch or field horsetail.

- At his swollen eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes, apply a fresh raw potato.

- Paris fashion models freshen tired face in this way: a piece of ice wrapped in a cloth soaked in lemon juice, and 5 minutes to massage the face and neck.

- Drink more fluids to remove from the body obstructing his slag, salt. Particularly useful are infusions of herbs and honey.

And when you meet a friend in the street or friend and say: "How well you look!" Modestly lower the eye and say: "you must love yourself".