Clean the person necessarily very regularly and thoroughly

I tried several times to offer people ways to clean the skin. They will help get rid of acne, pimples and red spots on face

Hello, "Grandma!

All of us several times a day, wash ourselves, using domestic or imported soap. However, this procedure helps cleanse only the upper layer of skin. Then her pores clogged with different impurities, including dead microbes, dead on the same soap, and even deeper - alive. Therefore, you first need to remove the dead layer, and then destroy and microbes and viruses. Sometimes even the most expensive creams, solutions and medications can not do this. So I want to invite experienced more than once popular ways of cleansing the skin. They will help get rid of acne, pimples and red spots on his face.

The easiest way to clean - daily washing in the morning and evening using tar soap. Be sure to wash up with hot water. After the evening washing should be good to wipe his face and then smear it with ointment own cooking. To prepare it, you need to mix until a homogeneous state to 1 tablespoon birch tar, grease and olive oil. Cooked cream evenly on the strike face, and then one or two fingers to rub it easily into the skin. You can perform the procedure for 10, 20 or even 30 minutes, carefully rubbing the ointment in the diseased areas of the skin, not passing at the same time healthy. After the procedure, pat your face is not shining, the remnants of the ointment piece hlopchatobumazhnoy cloth or toilet paper, and then go to sleep. During the day instead of ointment can lubricate the face with an alcoholic solution. Take the 960 to 200 ml of alcohol, squeeze into it the juice of one lemon, add 1 teaspoon of incomplete salt, mix well, soak in a solution of cotton wool and wipe her face. You can prepare a solution
from alcohol and ether, taken in equal parts by volume, and wiped them skin.

If clogged pores strongly, we can in 2-3 hours after treatment the person above ointment to wash with hot water and soap and tar, and then easily lubricate the skin "creoline" (sold in veterinary pharmacy). To not so thick, dilute it 1:1 with water. In the morning wash with hot water and soap, tar and grease with a solution of alcohol a person with lemon and salt. You can perform the procedure with "creoline" only on weekends.

If you want to speed up treatment, buy in a pharmacy solution "Septoderm and balsam" Ganol. First, wipe the face cotton swab dipped in "Septoderme", and then treat it balm "Ganol. I sometimes twice wiped only solution "Septoderma. Lubricate these drugs should be the solution instead of alcohol with lemon and salt.

You can also apply on weekends for 2-3 minutes to the affected skin soaked in "Septoderme" finger. If the pinch - this means that treatment is going well. Then wash in hot water with tar soap and continue regular treatment.

Thus treated, not missing a single day to complete facial cleansing. Advances in the treatment!

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