My age is not a burden to me: do not let age

To keep your skin was soft and healthy, eat plenty of carrots, pumpkins and grapes. Benefit from these products and cores

Hello, "Grandma!

I am 81 years old, I'm an invalid group 1 overall disease. Very often sick, but is constantly struggling with disabilities, overcoming all sorts of pain, stress and all sorts of trouble. Although it is very difficult to walk even with a cane and crutches, but I do not lie and do not howl like a wolf, but try to keep moving. Vision I, thank God, in order. So enjoy reading "Grandma", published by the use of her recipes, as well as the opportunities I share with people they know.

My age is not a burden to me, to live is very interesting. I've seen all sorts of life, always interested in something, do not panic now. I believe that every man, yet he lives, must confront and overcome all the troubles. I have every morning I'm doing the appropriate exercises, and then take water treatment, although sometimes difficult to get to the bathroom. In general, the quote itself in an appropriate order, as my whining to anyone, including me, do not need. I myself am a doctor and psychologist, and on occasion even in the "Granny" writing tips.

So select and use that helps you. For example, for the mask on face to remove wrinkles, you can use the products that we constantly eat: cereal, mashed potatoes, yogurt, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, etc. Hold it for 15-20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and oil face baby cream. I always use only those masks.

In 1942, when I was 16 years old, I drove to Germany. Like all Ostarbeiter, was in a labor camp. And then one day all my face was covered with acne, and she did not come out. Frau, who hired me, would have to send me back to camp, so sorry, because I was a very profitable worker - young, intelligent, needle and thread are well kept in the hands ... One night she made me a bath and told me to wash well with soap and water. By the morning of eels stuck to, and gradually the skin of them cleared. Did not need me to do any expensive creams and masks. More acne I had.

And that your skin was soft and healthy, eat plenty of carrots, pumpkins and grapes. Benefit from these products and the core. I would love to eat carrots, but that's only the teeth are not the same ... But the juices cook and drink regularly. So try to apply the treatment only natural resources that are at your fingertips. Yes, and money was no longer necessary.

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