Women wishing to have a mass of hair

Thanks to the advice of readers of the Grandmothers "hair on my head was so much that no hairpins can not stand!

Council of women wishing to have a lush and beautiful hair.

As a child I had curly hair and thin, and so wanted to have her hair! My mother in the casket lay a plait woven of colored thread, and I, five-year girl, wore her mother's heels, clutching his scythe, and this went well in the yard. And the neighbors all praise podhvalivali: "Oh, what a braid to her waist!" - And I'm proud of it.

I'm nearly 60 years, and now I have almost the same braid, but not from the thread, and made of natural hair. She had grown I have just one year, thanks to recipes from the "Grandma". Once read in the newspaper that the shampoo to soap (soap and wash 2 times), and rinsed with water and vinegar. Now all the time so my. The hair on the head was so much that no hairpins can not stand! In my lifetime I have never shaved hair, they just curled and did not grow further, and then this shock. Thank you Granny!

Dear ladies, friends of my gold, never too late to start loving yourself. When the children are adults, not a sin, and give yourself time. Eat of the most expensive dish, let it not gathering dust on display, and drink from crystal glasses. Do not regret anything for yourself, loved ones! Wear your best dress, lay the best tablecloths and sheets, in general, live in full force, indulge yourself, because you deserve it!

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