Traditional recipes for hair care

To the hair was growing thicker and better, mix 0.5 cups of grated horseradish with 2 glasses of wine ...

Brittle hair, brittle nails, pale skin treated carrots. Grate it into fine grater, then add 1 tsp starch, 1 tsp honey, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and mix. Apply the mixture for 30 minutes on the problem areas. To do so 2 times a week. First rinse with warm, then cold water. To improve the view to use carrots in food in any form.

To the hair was growing thicker and better, mix 0.5 cups of grated radish with 2 glasses of wine and rub this mixture into the scalp 1 day a week for an hour before washing hair.

Hair will be soft and silky, if 1 day a week to eat 1 raw egg yolk and take 1 tsp morning and evening before eating a mixture of fresh juice horseradish (0,5 cups) with 1 tablespoon honey.

To hair is not falling out, 100 g of aloe juice mix with 0,5 l of dry wine, let it brew for 2-3 days, then dry your this infusion in the hair roots. The course of treatment - 1 month. The hair will stop falling out. Strengthen them and such a method. Boil 20 grams of burdock root, 10 g of calendula flowers and 1 sprig of berries, viburnum and this decoction Wash. Carry out the procedure 2 times a week.

I also want to tell you how to cook at home hairspray. Chop 1 lemon, fill it with a glass of water and boil until the liquid evaporates half. Strain, add a few drops of vodka as a preservative and apply varnish on her hair. It dries quickly and the hair becomes stable.

God grant that my recipes were less in demand. Live healthy!