Dandruff - not always a medical problem

As a result of such treatment hair again become fluffy and shiny, and dandruff and seborrhea, and not a trace ...

I am a child of war. In the difficult postwar years was not different cosmetics for hair, so my mother always washed my hair with warm water and soap "Strawberry". Then he got the "egg" soap and "lanolin". Other means for washing hair we had.

Sometimes the hair is rinsed infusion of burdock root, used for this and lovage broth. And, oddly enough, no dandruff and seborrhea, I was not there, and her hair has always been lush and beautiful.

When went to Grade 5, the first time bought in a drugstore shampoo and washed him head. It was a miracle - the hair shone, and burst on the back, like silk. I could not stop admiring their beauty. But the joy was short-lived. Soon the hair is dry, the ends were flogged, and the scalp was littered with lots of dandruff. This went on for several years. Then I read somewhere that it seborrhea (fungal infection of the skin), and began to rub into the scalp different ointments from the disease. But all was in vain - after every hair wash everything was repeated, and formed a cluster of dandruff on the scalp whole sores.

Once the shampoo was not, and I was offered instead to buy liquid soap with the addition of sea buckthorn oil. Of course, I was upset, but bought because there was no alternative. I came home, washed her hair with this soap, dry the hair and combing saw that the skin became clean, traces of dandruff no more. Start and continue to use this soap, with pleasure watching a clean scalp and admiring his beautiful hair.

But somehow in the sale of such soaps was not, but there are many different shampoos. I have tried them all, and as a result of my hair again poured into a large number of dandruff and split ends of hair began. Especially these phenomena intensified after concentrated shampoo.

Soon I noticed that my once thick hair began to thin out and reminded stripes (residues after otchesa flax fibers). Then I began to intensively treated. Rubbing with grated onion, squeeze out the juice, and my mother rubbed it in my hair roots. Then put on the head of a plastic bag, fasten with a towel and left for 2 hours. After washing hair, "Children" soap and rinse decoction of burdock root. Maintain a procedure 2 times a week. She was treated this way for about 2 months.

After treatment, washed my hair only "Children" soap and rinse hair with water and egg yolk (egg yolk of fresh chicken eggs dissolve in warm water). As a result, the hair again become fluffy and shiny, and dandruff and seborrhea, and not a trace. I concluded that the skin of my head does not make a shampoo and stopped using it.

If your hair zhirneyut, then rinse them after washing with water with vinegar. The concentration of aqueous acetic acid solution, each must define himself as greasy hair at everyone. Then the hair will not have to wash every two days, but suffice once a week. We sometimes use shampoo, but my hair just respond to it, as if I passed the whole day in the sun with uncovered head. Scalp bakes as baked, again appears dandruff, and hair begins to fall. I recommend anyone who suffers from such phenomena, primarily to draw attention to what you wash your head. I tried to use to wash your hair with shampoo dandruff, but such things as advertising, not felt. Believe me, dandruff - not always a medical problem. I experienced it myself. Who wants to - check.