Patience and work mustache on his face "erase"

Many girls and women suffer from higher haired, that is, the growth they have mustaches

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

Many girls and women suffer from high hairy, that is, the growth of their whiskers. The recipe, which they suggest, has been tested with positive results repeatedly. I think it will help many more, important - to have patience.

Thus, the need to treat ammonia and 6% hydrogen peroxide. They can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is necessary to dial 1 tsp peroxide solution in it 5 drops of ammonia and lubricate the place of hair growth. Hold until dry, then rinse with cool boiled water with lemon juice. Do not wipe. When dry up, baby oil cream. And so 2-3 times a day. Gradually, hair discolored, utonchatsya, and then completely disappear. But in order to achieve results, you should not be lazy, but patiently, day after day to perform the procedure.

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