Take balm Peter Borbat! Craving for alcohol will go without return

For recovery from alcohol addiction rehabilitation with simultaneous liver invited balm Peter Titovich Borbat ...

For recovery from alcohol addiction rehabilitation with simultaneous liver invited balm Peter Titovich Borbat. Already in 1998, he received a patent of Russia. However, the production in large amounts, unfortunately, has not yet been established.
The structure consists of 9 herbal ingredients in dry form taken in equal numbers: the root lewisia, grass, peppermint, juniper berry, herb wormwood, black currant leaf, yarrow herb, herb thyme. For tinctures use alcohol, half diluted with water, or vodka at a ratio of 15 ml per 1 g of a mixture of dry ingredients. Time insisting on alcohol - 3 weeks, on vodka - 4 weeks.

After draining herbal tinctures bottom remnants poured hot boiling water at the rate of 5 ml per 1 g of dry components and infused for 2 days. Water tincture then filtered and mixed with an alcohol tincture of the first discharge. The precipitate is no longer used. The resulting tincture, balm can be consumed in its pure form as an additive to 1 tsp a glass of warm water or tea 2-3 times a day. When you add a balm in the vodka 1 tsp per 100 ml not only greatly increased its taste. Moderate consumption of this drink (no more than 150-200 ml per day) by people suffering from alcohol dependence, gradually forming their indifferent attitude to alcohol syndrome disappears as a hangover. This happens because the liver begins to heal.

After all, found that all alcoholics with liver. Affections of a certain part of the brain. Often chronic alcoholics do not recognize themselves as such and can not deny himself the consumption of alcohol. But they do it is not for pleasure, but on physiological need. They drink, they are usually small portions several times a day and several days in a row. In these cases, given that the patient does not listen to family members should agree with his behavior. Suppose that continues to drink, but to improve the taste of vodka added to it balm to 5 tsp half-liter. Heals the effect of this lotion will exceed the destructive effects of vodka, with which it is used. A few days later the alcoholic himself will drink less, replacing the vodka tea, but also with a balm. After 5-6 weeks, the liver considerably healthier and longer trigger the craving for alcohol.

Balm tea is also useful for people suffering from diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines and nerves.

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