For those who tortured insomnia

All massage of certain points can help you sleep and after sleep to feel alert and energetic during the day ...

People suffering from insomnia, can not stay long in a state of sleep, and this affects health. In any given period of life all people suffer from this disease. Hypnotics do more harm than good. Stress, pain, trouble and anxiety can cause sleep disturbance. According to Chinese scientists, the uneven distribution of energy can also cause insomnia.

All massage of certain points can help you sleep and after sleep to feel alert and energetic throughout the day. Their position: one centimeter below the base of the skull, the muscles located at 1 centimeter away from the spine at the center of the back of the head in a deep hollow beneath the base of the skull in the center of the inside of the forearm at a distance the width of two and a half fingers on the wrist crease; between the scapula and the spine at the level of the heart, in a small depression at the inner part of the talus, in the first cavity at the outer part of the talus.

Even if this ailment helps the following:

1. Use raw vegetables, fruit, juices.

2. Look consumed enough in significant numbers before bedtime.

3. Hip bath with cold water for 3-4 minutes in the evening also promotes peaceful sleep.

4. Before going to bed drink 2 cups of fresh goat's milk (unpasteurized).

5. In the morning, at lunch and before bedtime to impose on the forehead, a mixture of wheat or rye bread, sliced fresh or pickled cucumber yoghurt clay.

6. Applying leeches to the back of the neck and head. Treatment with leeches especially beneficial for people full. In this method of treatment is very useful before going to bed to stand in warm water on the knee no more than 5 minutes.

7. It is useful applying mustard or grated horseradish to the calves feet. Simultaneously, it is recommended to drink cucumber brine with honey, which is well less - 1 tbsp honey 1 cup of brine.

8. Countdown. Remember: the countdown relaxes. Comfortably lie down and start to count: 100 ... 99 ... 98 ... etc. - 1. If you build it, usually a dream comes earlier.

9. Herbs that help with insomnia: valerian, geranium, angelica, everlasting, peppermint, Heather, Melissa, Veronica, hops, lavender, buckthorn, primroses, barberry, chamomile, rosemary.

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