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The most important thing - time to start treatment and deeply believe in healing. In the treatment of cancer of roads every day ...

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to express their opinions and for the treatment of cancer.

The most important thing - time to start treatment and deeply believe in healing. In the treatment of cancer of roads every day. In the meantime, cancer patients find their treatment, it takes a long time, and often a disease with early stage becomes final. To help while suffering very difficult.

Cancer patient is entirely dominated by a doctor. He agrees to the operation and chemotherapy, and radiation. Sometimes, of course, that after a course of chemotherapy or radiation comes improvement. And when it not? Then the patient and his family are beginning to look herbalists, healers and healers, capable to help them, although help is much more difficult.

God created the human body is perfect, but man their addiction, lifestyle, way of thinking attracts disease, thus shortening their lives. For a complete healing of the patient should concentrate all your mind and the subconscious to treatment. Nobody, no doctor could help him, if he did not want to be healed. Therefore, it is very important in what mood cancer patient starts treatment. If he starts to panic, nervous, waiting in the subconscious death approaches, it would block its recovery. In the brain of a patient starts a program of self-destruction, and the person dies.

Consciousness and subconscious work on the law of Faith
The law of our mind is the law of Faith
Decline of the wicked thoughts, fears, false beliefs and begin to believe in its healing power to defeat the disease, and God help you
Change your way of thinking, because what you sow in thought, so shall you reap in your body
If you're subconsciously thinking: "I'm sick, I'm going to die, no one can help me, hurry to die" - then and in fact all that happens
Set your mind on healing, they must be positive
Repeat several times a day to himself words that really begin to heal your body
To suggest that you each day feeling better and better, the disease leaves your body, you heal, become healthy and cheerful person
Pray to God for healing, and you get it
Not for a second do not doubt that, so be
American scholar Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Man is the fact of what he thinks all day"
He was cured for 3 months from skin cancer
Doctors have already abandoned this notion, but one priest told him to inspire his thoughts about healing and pray in faith for the health
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "I prayed very simple words, I repeated the prayer for 5 minutes 2-3 times a day, never doubting in recovery;

Unfortunately, many are so weak in faith healing that they need only complete treatment. The patient himself must take care of their liking. After all, nothing just happens. In consequence there is always a reason. Therefore, the patient must be "reviewed" as he lived, who greatly offended, who hated it, angry at anyone, and do it for this God's punishment. If he feels a sin, he must be cleansed from it and confess.

It is very important in the treatment diet. But, in spite of it, the patient must eat well, so that the body can fight bacteria and viruses by destroying cancer cells and blocking metastasis. The first of the power to exclude all fried. In the food, which is prepared in a skillet, many times exceeded the permissible norm substance called benzopyrene, promoting the development of cancer. Eliminate the use of smoked meats, milk, beans, alcohol, black tea and coffee, carbonated beverages, give up smoking. There are many products of anti-cancer action, but they need to pick up each one individually. Cancer patients is useful to drink freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, and try not to break the diet, even when it gets much better. Always eat the young walnut kernels, lemons, oranges, black currant and hips. These products enhance the immunity.

Drink during treatment with sedatives fees. It is best to take herbal infusion. Drinking alcohol tinctures undesirable. Take during the treatment bee products, but only if they had no allergies. The dosage should be chosen depending on the stage of disease.

This is not all that relates to the treatment of cancer. Since every person is unique, each must pick up that should be taken for recovery. But even already Redux should not relax, and constantly worry that the disease again, did not return.

May God bless all good health and longevity!

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