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To prepare the juice of celandine Tear in May during the flowering bush plants with roots, rinse the dirt ...

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Many people ask for help in the treatment of cancer, cysts and liver cirrhosis. My proposed infusion hemlock, celandine juice and other herbs can help in this. I would just caution that patients with epilepsy, as well as pregnant women, they are contraindicated. During treatment necessarily abandon antibiotics, smoking and alcohol.

The use of herbs and other folk remedies in the treatment of cancer, cysts and liver cirrhosis has a positive effect only when the organism is cleared from the slag, toxins, and salts. Without purification, such treatment brings the minimum result.

But before you start cleaning the liver, to clean up the intestines. And one should start not from starvation or overeating, and a three-day admission of fruits and vegetables, lean food, that is, within three days to eat only food of plant origin and fish from the diet, eliminating meat, eggs, milk and other foods of animal origin.

On the fourth day in the morning boil 5-6 liters of water and salt it is calculated at 1 des.l. salt (no top) to 1 liter of water. The water is salted to ensure that it is not absorbed in the intestinal mucosa of the enema formulation. Do it this way: pour cooled boiled water in a mug of warm douches, then reinforce it at a height of 1,5 m hose dipped in vegetable oil, the patient lies on her back, lifting his hips above the shoulders, and he introduced into the colon for 10 cm tube tip. Breathe during the procedure only by mouth. Perform it in the morning on an empty stomach for 6-7 hours in the morning. Duration of procedure 1,5-2 hours. After that, the patient must sleep.

Thus removed water-soluble toxic slag that has accumulated in the intestinal mucosa for many years. After bowel cleansing should be sure to clean the liver. The method is very simple and accessible to everyone. Shake well in a glass bottle to white on 0,5 svezhevydavlennogo cup lemon juice and quality of corn or olive oil and quickly all the drink. On the day of cleaning from morning till 19.00 you can eat, and after 19.00 and before 22.00 you can drink only water. At 22.00 to drink a mixture of oil and lemon juice. And so for 3-4 days in a row. In the mornings these days to drink something sour (cranberry juice, 24-day serum, tomato juice with salt or a compote of plums). Sufferers cholelithiasis before cleaning the liver necessarily detailed stones, taking the decoction of maize stigmas or root hips.

After cleaning, proceed to the treatment of cancer. Cancer with liver cirrhosis treated this way. Place in a glass enamel ware oat grains, pour 1 liter of cold water, bring to a boil and boil very low heat for 20 minutes. Remove from heat, wrap the dishes and leave for 2 hours pushing. After infusion of strain and divide infusion into three equal parts. Take it 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Daily brew fresh portion. Can be used in the treatment and a decoction: in enamel ware put half a quart of washed raw oats, add 3 liters of milk, bring to a boil and cook on low heat for 3-4 hours. Strain and drink warm. The whole broth to drink during the day. You can add a plantain, knotweed, chamomile, St. John's wort, and sea buckthorn oil.

Good results in the treatment of cancer and cirrhosis of the liver gives a welcome infusion of green walnuts on the purified distilled kerosene. Take it to 1 tsp 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Of 15 days to drink, then make a ten-day break and repeat the course. And so 3-4. To prepare the tincture should be filled three-liter jar 2 / 3 of chopped walnuts, milk ripeness, pour kerosene and insist 15 days.

Can liver cirrhosis grind to a powder 800 grams of milk thistle seed and take it to 1 tsp 4-5 times a day, washed down with sips of water. The drug store in a glass, protected from light.

The disease should definitely take a diet that prescribed by your doctor.

The cause of cirrhosis of the liver may be prolonged compression or occlusion of major bile duct gallstones, viral hepatitis or chronic alcohol intoxication with malnutrition, lack of food proteins and vitamins. Cirrhosis may develop when food poisoning toxins, as well as people who have suffered anicteric form of viral hepatitis.

Used in treatment of liver cancer, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas, the root of calamus. He was taken in parallel with the reception of celandine juice and bitters hemlock. The root of calamus also cures any disease of the stomach and intestines, no matter how age-old or malignant they are. Ignore him through the wringer, then dial 1 tsp topless crushed mass, pour her a glass of cold water and leave to infuse overnight. In the morning drain and take a sip It is highly before and after meals. Total - Six sips per day (no longer!). Before use, calamus root extract necessarily heated in a water bath.

To prepare the juice of celandine Tear out in May during the flowering bush plants with roots, wash dirt, remove any yellow leaves and air dry for 2-3 hours. Pass through a meat grinder and press the cake through a nylon stocking. From 1 kg cake get 0,5 l of juice. Put it on the bottom shelf of the fridge for 2-3 days, then the pure juice drained and the sediment discarded. For 1 liter of juice add 250-300 ml of 960 alcohol - and can be treated. Kept the juice, keeping their therapeutic properties, 5 years. If you drink it in 1 tablespoon 4 times a day, you will need 2 liters of juice for a month. Take it no more than 6 months with breaks for 1,5-2 months.

It is also recommended for cancer and cirrhosis of the liver to drink in the morning and evening before meals on a glass It is highly Lycopodium clavatum (pour a glass of boiling water 1 tsp topless grass and insist on a water bath for 25 minutes). Also, drink a day for 400-600 g nettle (pour a glass of boiling water 1 teaspoon of leaf and insist on a water bath for 20-30 minutes). Be careful when using this infusion, because after three weeks of its reception may thrombose vessels.

They drink in cancer of the liver to two glasses a day broth potato peelings. Drink sips his cold or warm form. Handful of raw peelings pour 2 cups water, bring to a boil, boil 2-4 minutes, and can be used. If the taste of this brew you like, then the liver has its need. If he dislikes you, then you can not drink.

A tumor of the liver in the treatment of all the above-described means usually resolves within 3-5 months, if not completely resorbed, then you need another infusion of hemlock to drink, as follows: take the morning on an empty stomach 1 hour before meals 6.00 1 drop of bitters, then 3-4 hours after eating even 1 drop at 15.00 - 1 drop and at 21.00 - 1 drop. The next day, take in the same order is 2 drops in the reception. And so every day add 1 drop, until you reach 30 drops, and then gradually start to return to 1 drops to accept. One course of 60 days. And so it can take 2-3 courses. The infusion of hemlock dropper to drip into the water. From 1 to 13 drops dissolved in 100 g of water, from 13 to 26 drops - 150 g, and from 26 to 30 drops - 200 g of water. The infusion of hemlock can be purchased in fitoapteke. It must be concentrated and prepared from fresh flower clusters and leaves of the plant.

Good results in the treatment of liver tumors enables the use of medical compresses. Place them at night. Four-hour wrap with balsam Bitner, put on his back on the liver, alternated with two-hour poultices of broth arvense.

In the treatment of cancer and cysts of the liver, leukemia and cancer of the throat, the juice of celandine take 1 tbsp 4 times a day for half an hour before eating and after 3-4 hours after eating. If you drink the juice of celandine first time, you need to take it to 1 tsp 4 times a day. After 7-8 days you can drink for 1 tbsp
4 times a day. The first reception of the juice of celandine should be at 6.00 in the morning on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before a meal, and then have to take a dose every 3-4 hours after a meal, then at 16.00, and final acceptance of the juice - at 21.00. Every time drink it sip of water. Drink this scheme within a month, then make a break of 10 days and repeat treatment. And so for 2-3 months.

Treatment of cancer of the throat and esophagus is similar to treatment of cancer of the liver. In addition, put compresses on the swelling of the throat of the kerosene, celandine and tinctures hemlock for 1 hour, pre-lubricated with Vaseline tumor that did not burn. You can also do packs of grind meal with juice of celandine from 40 minutes to 1 hour 2-3 times a day (for 1 liter mill cake with juice of celandine add 1 / 4 x 960 alcohol). But be careful - the juice of celandine can corrode the skin. If the tumor has blocked the passage in the throat and esophagus, then you need to take 100 g It is highly celandine, brewed from the dried herb (pharmacy), and take it slow swallow 1 / 2 tsp within 30 minutes. And so do 3 times every 2 hours after infusion hemlock. When the use of infusion hemlock reaches 20 drops of an appointment, stop taking tincture of greater celandine. Renew his reception, when you get to the reception with a decrease in infusion hemlock from 30 to 20 drops. Then you can still repeat the course receive It is highly celandine within 20
days. Insist celandine is prepared according to the following recipe. Put in thermos 1 tablespoon Dry pharmacy celandine, dobavit1 tsp with the top and pour 320 ml boiling water. Insist 8 hours, drain and divide into three parts.

This recipe is for those who can take a large dose of potent poisons. Who can not - do not take the extract of celandine.

All the above recipes make it possible to cure cancer. Choose those methods that suit you, and heal. But do not try to recover, if you eat sugar, sweets, preserves, sweet biscuits or chocolate. Sugar feeds cancer.


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