From cancer fighting without doctors: thank God, alive, in good health ...

I want to share their vision of the treatment of cancer, since so many had to experience the

Hello, "Grandma!

I decided I address the subject of cancer and other malignant diseases.

Popular and official medicine has long engaged in combating these ills, but unfortunately, there is still no consensus about their origin. And, in spite of this, doctors in most cases, all people with cancer recommend one treatment: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

I want to share their vision of cancer treatment, since a lot had to experience for yourself.

Fight cancer, I began in 1985 when I had the colon cancer, and to continue this struggle to this day. Thank God, alive and almost well, and wish you, dear readers "Grandma".

Since the eighties of last century worthwhile information, as well as what treatment, draw was virtually nowhere, had to gather knowledge bit by bit and move forward by trial and error. In this manner, and began to study traditional medicine, useful properties of herbs and healing techniques.

Some would say that healing, folk medicine - a complete nonsense. But let them not to agree. Judging from history, many nations, including Ukrainians, had long used methods of treatment of people potions prepared from frogs, snakes, bones, horns, hooves, etc. Ashes of them was diluted with water, drink this solution and, imagine, recovered! After all, this ash contains all of the periodic table, all trace elements, without which no man can live.

Earlier, before the disease, hearing something like that, I would have said that those who recommended this, something is wrong with his head. Illness forced more deeply into the essence of the matter. And when some traditional healing methods successfully applied it to myself, I realized that much was wrong.

It turns out that all the original - very simple and clear. Take, for example, a frog. In its tissues contain very powerful antibiotic that can treat many diseases, including malaria. He kills many viruses, fungi and bacteria. The therapeutic effect and have a drawing of the bones and tissues of animals - ASD-1 and ASD-2. They also successfully cured many diseases, including cancer. From the exact same bees are preparing decoctions, infusions and ash, using them in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer.

Original method of treating cancer with a mixture of powder of crushed crystal (mineral) with the seeds of flax. I was still a kid when I first heard about this treatment from his grandfather, who in his 86 years working in a blacksmith forge. Thus, minced flax seeds should be mixed in equal parts by weight of the powder milled and sifted through a sieve crystal and use 2-3 tablespoons mixture in the day for a month. This kills many viruses, fungi, bacteria, and worms. For crystal powder - this is pure silicon, so necessary for everyone. His lack slows all processes in the body, the vascular system is faltering, and the man is sick. And if healthy cardiovascular system, it is healthy and whole organism. But all types of worms also feed on silicon. So imagine that a sick person silicon and so very little, and he eats worms. Therefore, if not destroy the worms and did not saturate the body with silicon, the chances of a cure for cancer is very small. Believe me.

According to the World Health Organization, helminthic invasions suffers more than 2 billion
But I think that this figure is considerably higher
After all, in times of restructuring, and then the collapse of the Soviet Union no control over the meat, milk and other products was not conducted
All livestock, no vaccinations against worms were not made
The most important thing was any ways fuck profits
That had to eat the meat, brought in contraband, without proper veterinary
Add to this the herring, which we love so much and that virtually all infected with parasites, the fashion for sushi (raw food fish) brought from Japan, but plus to this contamination of our water
So it turns out that out of 10 cases of cancer 6 have helminthic origin
Promotes onkonedugov and so-called sexual revolution, and a variety of exotic, imported by our tourists, as well as illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia
Imagine what all this comes from "cocktail", leading ultimately to cancer and other oncological!

And given that almost everyone feels a lack of vitamins C, A, B, E, etc., lack of oxygen, as is using mostly boiled and fried foods, his weakened body and attracts all types of fungi, viruses and parasitic invasions . Strengthen the immune system contributes to the use of raw, various greens, salads, vegetables and fruits. Need to drink a lot of natural juices, herbal teas, eat raw nuts and seeds. Another great Amosov said that the man for the health necessary to eat a minimum of 300 g of vegetable and fruit salads. Thus you can prevent any cancer.

It is also necessary to clean the intestines from accumulating in it of debris leftover food. Not cleaning it, can not cure cancer, it is a fact. Describe the methodology clear I will not. I can only say that to put the enema should be no less than a month.

It is not recommend to use against worms pharmacy drugs. They do not lead to the desired result. I remember as a child my grandmother would tell us in a few weeks chewing sprigs tarragon, and then swallow it. She also said that we will have beautiful teeth, will be good smelling breath, and will also be healthy inside as well as drop dead all the worms. Here you have an illiterate old lady!

Now it is recipes that I use for the treatment of cancer.

Receiving powders flowers tansy, wormwood herb and fragrant carnation has sokogonnoe, anthelmintic, antibacterial, antiseptic, antipyretic effect and contributes to successful treatment of cancer. Powder wormwood take 5 days to 0.5 tsp every 2-2,5 hours. You can mix it with honey. Wash down with water. The next 5 days to a mixture of powdered herb wormwood, tansy flowers and fragrant carnations. Each component to take on 0,8 PM Mix them with honey and take 2 twice a day, morning and evening, an hour after a meal. The next 5 days for the preparation of the mixture to take 1 g of powder of Artemisia, tansy, and clove. To take just the morning and evening, one hour after eating. Then make a break for 18-20 days, and then repeat the treatment.

Good results are obtained by receiving such a composition. Pour 3-4 dried mushrooms, chanterelles 250 400 ml of vodka, insist week and take 1 tsp 2 times a day before, and who has problems with his stomach, then an hour after eating. This compound kills many viruses, bacteria and worms.

The next step is cleaning the liver as a dirty liver is unable to filter blood, and then the dirty blood nourishes the brain, heart and other organs. What sort of health can be such a liver? Moreover, in this body like to settle Giardia, Echinococcus, etc. All this leads to the fact that the liver stops working properly, the gallbladder becomes blocked by stones, sand, and it accruing polyps. And so it was not, only have to give your body a little time, patience and do some cleansing of the liver. Suitable for this tyubazh (stimulation of bile flow) with the decoction of rose hips and sorbitol (a natural substitute for sugar. Sold in pharmacies).

To make broth to 5 tablespoons chopped rosehips to fill the evening 500 ml of water and twice to bring to a boil. In the morning warm up well, in 250 ml of hot broth add 3 tablespoons "Sorbitol" and drink all the time moving around the house. After about 20 minutes to drink up the rest of broth has no "sorbitan." In the area of the liver at this time is tied warmer with hot water. To do so 4-5 times. Procedures performed every 2-3 days.

Every morning before breakfast drink freshly squeezed juice from one lemon, orange and two apples, washed down with one or two sips of vegetable oil. It's kind of small tyubazh. This compound causes liver throw muck through all the gall bladder. In the evening take a mixture made from freshly squeezed juice of one medium sized potato tuber, 100 ml of carrot, beet 50 ml and 100 ml of pumpkin juice.

The next therapeutic composition comprises 5 tablespoons chopped pine needles, 2 tablespoons chopped rosehips and a handful of onion skins. Pour the mixture 600 ml of water, bring to a boil, remove from heat, cooling, and insist to drink without rules, you can substitute tea for 3-4 months.

Every day, cancer patients who are not contraindicated, should eat walnuts for 5-10 and 2-3 tsp seaweed kelp (pharmacies), adding them to the first and second courses. Every day, eat 10 seeds of lemon or grapefruit. They expelled many kinds of worms, but also a powerful antibiotic, acting on the viruses, fungi and bacteria.

It is necessary to spend on drink brandy mushroom purhavki (raincoat). Insist on 2-3 fungal 0,5 l 400 of vodka and take 1 des.l. 3 times a day.

Apply for cooking only syrodavlennye oils: corn, sunflower, olive, sea buckthorn, linseed, evening primrose. They possess antiviral, antifungal properties and escorted out of the body cholesterol. We must abstain from eating meat, bacon, sausages, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, baking, white bread. Add in the diet of beans, kidney beans, soy, lentils and eggplant.

Take 2-3 tsp a day a mixture of pollen and honey (1:1). This pantry vitamins, trace elements and plant protein. If you want sweet tea, then drink it with a small amount of honey, and best of Stevia honey. This plant is very sweet. Pharmacy drug from it called "Steviziad.

Everyone with cancer should daily take 2 tablespoons milled alfalfa grass, washed down with water. Very good strengthens the body.

After treatment of liver tumors can be set for 4-5 hours compresses copper sulfate. Pour 0.5 liters of water 0.5 tsp raw materials, to insist 8-10 hours, soak in tincture linen cloth and put the compress on the swelling. And so within 5 days. Make a break for 2 weeks and then repeat the procedure. So, with interruptions to 4-5 times.

Even after the purge to spend on drink 20% propolis tincture and mix aloe juice with honey and brandy. In 1 liter of juice made from aloe leaves of three, add 0,5-0,8 kg of honey, add 0.5 liters of good brandy, stir and refrigerate. Take 1 des.l. mixture 3 times a day. Propolis drink 20-30 drops 3 times a day. The course of treatment - 30 days.

All of the above methods and compositions of acting against fungi, viruses, bacteria and absorbing the tumor. And if done correctly and patiently, the cancer can be defeated. Even during the period of treatment to control the density of blood (prothrombin). Do not be lazy, work on themselves, and the result will be forthcoming. The course of treatment, depending on the degree of the disease lasts from 2 to 18 months. So do not believe in quick fixes. This is only quacks treated quickly, expensive and ... avail.

Live by the laws of God and be healthy!

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