Fight, fight, and then depart cancer, will leave forever!

His article I want to inspire hope for recovery with cancer of the breast, prostate and bladder

Hello, "Grandma!

His article I want to inspire hope for recovery with cancer of the breast, prostate and bladder. I recommend them not to despair, but try to take a cure infusion of hemlock, birch juice of celandine and tar.

Juice of celandine should take 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before eating. Drink it in such a scheme: to take a 6.00 in the morning on an empty stomach 1 tablespoon juice, and then repeat the method after 3-4 hours after eating, then at 12.00, 17.00 and 22.00. To wash down the juice of celandine water. To get treatment so as not missing a single day during the month. Then make a ten-day break and repeat reception juice of celandine. And so 2-3 courses. Those who first used the juice of celandine, have a week to take it to 1 teaspoon, and then go to the usual dose of admission.

Those who increased acidity of gastric juice in the morning on an empty stomach must first drink half a glass of carrot juice, and then begin to receive the juice of celandine.

To prepare the juice of celandine Tear out in May during the flowering bush plants with roots, wash dirt, remove any yellow leaves and air dry for 2-3 hours. Pass through a meat grinder and press the cake through a nylon stocking. From 1 kg cake get 0,5 l of juice. Put it on the bottom shelf of the fridge for 2-3 days, then the pure juice drained and the sediment discarded. For 1 liter of juice add 250-300 ml of 960 alcohol - and can be treated. Kept the juice, keeping their therapeutic properties, 5 years. If you drink it in 1 tablespoon 4 times a day, you will need 2 liters of juice for a month.

Typically, the treatment of the juice of celandine swelling resolves over 3-4 months. Those who can not be treated this way, I advise you to use in the treatment receiving infusions hemlock. Take a 6.00 in the morning on an empty stomach 1 hour before meals 1 drop of bitters, then 3-4 hours after eating even 1 drop in 15.00 - 1 drop in 21.00 - 1 drop. The next day, take in the same order is 2 drops in the reception. And so every day add 1 drop, until you reach 30, and then gradually start to return to 1 drops to accept. One course of 60 days. Make then a break for 5 days, and then repeat the treatment. Thus, a 2-3 rate. The infusion of hemlock dropper to drip into the water. From 1 to 13 drops dissolved in 100 g of water, from 13 to 26 drops - 150 g, and from 26 to 30 drops - 200 g of water. Buy it possible to fitoapteke. Infusion should be concentrated, cooked from fresh inflorescences and leaves of the plant.

If the dose of 30 drops does not cause pain in the heart, kidneys or liver, it can take so many hemlock tincture 3 times a day for 30 days, and then go to the decline. But do not overdo it, since overdose is unacceptable.

I described the reception of infusions hemlock in the highest dose, but every body is unique, so Choose your own permissible dose you receive, focusing on their health.

When not at hand or the juice of celandine tincture hemlock, birch tar could receive medical treatment (sold in veterinary drugstore). He, of course, weaker than the two above mentioned funds, but also gives good results in the fight against breast cancer, prostate and bladder.

Is birch tar 3 times a day for 1 hour before meals. The first 2 days to drink 10 drops of tar, the following two days of taking it to 15 drops, and then proceed to the reception of birch tar, 3 times a day to 20 drops. 5 days to drink it, then do a 2 day break and repeat five reception birch tar. Thus, treatment for 1-2 months. Tar dissolve in a glass of warm milk, and those who can not tolerate milk, you can take it with a glass of warm water. Well treated with tar and goiter, if you take the tar 3 times a day, 10 drops for 5 days with two-day intervals.

When breast cancer in parallel with the reception hemlock infusion, juice of celandine and birch tar should be 3 times a day on the breast tumor to make compresses.

1. Mince all plant celandine, press the juice from cake and 1 liter to add 250 g of alcohol. Moisten with a warm solution of linen cloth and put the compress on the breast, pre-greased it with vaseline. Wrap the heat and let stand 40 minutes to 1 hour. Do not overdo it, as celandine can corrode the skin.

2. Apply to cotton or linen fabric with a layer of 4 mm warm grease and apply a compress to the chest. Heat wrap to fix the bandage and withstand 1,5-2 hours.

3. Compress with kerosene is placed at least 1 hour. Pre-lubricated with Vaseline chest to avoid kerosene burn.

4. Mince the leaves and inflorescences hemlock, squeeze out the juice and 1 liter of juice add 400 g 500 vodka. Moisten with a warm solution linen or cotton cloth and put the compress on for 1-2 hours on the chest, wrapped it warmly.

In the treatment of prostate cancer and bladder cancer in parallel with the reception of celandine juice, bitters poison hemlock and birch tar, but daily drinking brew of willow-herb (fireweed angustifolium). 1 tsp with the top herbs to fill a thermos of hot water and 250 g insist 5 hours. Drink 1 cup of tea in the morning and evening for 30 minutes before eating.

In addition, you need every day 2-3 times a day on the perineum to put at least 1 hour packs of milled leaves of poison hemlock, as well as compresses for 40 minutes with the juice of celandine.

Here thus treated breast cancer, prostate and bladder. But the positive effect will be only if you pre-clean from toxins, toxins, and salts of the intestine. Without purification, such treatment gives the minimum result. And one should start not from starvation or overeating, and a three-day admission of fruits and vegetables, lean food, that is, within three days to eat only food of plant origin and fish from the diet, eliminating meat, eggs, milk and other foods of animal origin.

On the fourth day in the morning boil 5-6 liters of water and salt it is calculated at 1 des.l. salt (no top) to 1 liter of water. The water is salted to ensure that it is not absorbed in the intestinal mucosa of the enema formulation. Do it this way: pour cooled boiled water in a mug of warm douches, then reinforce it at a height of 1,5 m hose dipped in vegetable oil, the patient lies on her back, lifting his hips above the shoulders, and he introduced into the colon tube tip . Breathe during the procedure only by mouth. Perform it in the morning on an empty stomach in 6-7 hours. Duration of procedure 1,5-2 hours. After that, the patient must sleep.

In the treatment of malignant tumors did not eat sugar, sweets, biscuits, jam and other sweets, to limit the dairy products, to abandon black coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages.

Of course, not all suitable treatment for infusion of hemlock, birch juice of celandine and tar, their reception, for example, is contraindicated in epileptic pregnant, and not everyone can take these medications in large doses. But you still need to try to be optimistic and not under any circumstances, not to lose hope for recovery. Faith and good humor - a reliable weapon in the fight against malignant diseases. None of the patient, while he breathes, can not be considered hopeless. Fight for life, believe in victory, and then any cancer you are not afraid.

Be in good health!