In any situation, try to find out: do not stop half way

The diagnosis was terrifying - a tumor in the bed of the left kidney, a pathological vertebral body compression fracture, etc.

Hello, "Grandma!

This letter was persuaded to write my staff. I hope that my story even someone to alleviate suffering, and perhaps even help to recover.

In March 2005, her husband removed the left kidney with the tumor. A little over a year, and he developed pain in her left side and back, and her husband began to lose weight. Tolerated as long as he could, and then turned for help to the hospital. The diagnosis - a tumor in the left kidney bed size 9,0 x7, 6x7, 7 cm, a pathological compression fracture of the vertebral body, etc.

In operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other cancer treatment her husband was denied even the Cancer Centre in Kiev. Sentence - to live 2-3 months.

From Kiev to him in critical condition brought on Sept. 22, 2006, every 4 hours had to do cauterized. But we decided not to give up and the next day began to be treated yourself. Cleansing diets and have failed to comply, because the road was every day. A treatment was as follows.

Every morning on an empty stomach husband took infusion hemlock. I started with one drop, every day increasing the dose to 1, until he reached 40 drops to the reception. Then my husband started taking tincture of hemlock in the reverse order, reducing the daily dose of 1 drop, yet again not reach 1 at reception. This is one course. Husband passed two. Prior to 15 drops of dilute hemlock in 100 g after 15 - 150 g, and from 23 - 200 g water.

After 20-30 minutes after infusion hemlock I dripped her husband under the tongue "Photostim (homeopathic herbal drug that has a unique ability to detect diseased cells in the body," label "them and raise the body's immune system to fight with them). The first ten days of being buried 1 drop, the next ten days - 2, and so each decade increased the dose by one drop until it reached 7 per reception. In the future, until the end of treatment every day dripping husband under the tongue is the number of drops. Course - 100 ml of photostimulated.

But, despite this persistent treatment, since mid-October 2006 my husband fell ill. Then in parallel with the infusion of hemlock and photostimulated, he has started drinking veterinary medicine ASD-2F. He took it to 5 ml 2 times a day - is a shock dose. The first method was the morning 30 minutes after instillation "photostimulated" for half an hour before a meal, and the second - at lunch. Within 30 minutes after the second admission ASD husband took, according to the instructions, medicine blue iodine (pharmacy) and 2 tablets of the extract of celandine. After 30 minutes of eating.

SDA has a very unpleasant smell, so I dial it into a syringe, diluted in 40-50 ml of water, tea or milk, and then gave her husband. Doctors believe that this drug improves immunity by stimulating the body's defenses against diseases, including cancer.

Still, the husband was difficult. He developed problems with urination, so he started to drink more diuretic teas. First, urine was dark and muddy, and then brightened. And in late November 2006, the pain began to subside, pain began to introduce less and, finally, the evening of Dec. 20 was made the last shot.

By this time the husband had been able to wiggle his toes, which had previously been immobilized. Invited by a neurologist. He advised me to take pharmacy drugs "Pot", "Mildronate", "Neyralgin", "Ubretid", as well as vitamins "Three-Bi-Plus" and "Akvadetrin D". Things went successfully. Soon my husband was sitting and could have lower legs from the bed. And in order to strengthen the associated muscles, he was lying, perform all exercises for the legs. He has an appetite, and slowly husband started to gain weight. Finally, on Christmas Day 2007, he made the first 2 steps on crutches.

February 16 my husband was tested for tomograph - tumor decreased by 11 times! Also improved test results. Decided to continue treatment in the same mode. 2 months later my husband passed Ultrasound - focal changes were detected! Biochemical and general blood tests and urine were also normal. Now my husband has good walks alone, his condition is much improved.

So everyone who was in a similar situation, I advise you not to despair but to seek a way out of this situation. And I am sure you will find it. And if someone decides to use in the treatment of the same drugs that my husband and I want to warn that during their admission may appear nausea, dizziness and other symptoms of ill health. In this case you should stop taking the medication for 2-3 days, then resume it at a lower dose. To determine which drug gives deterioration, begin treatment with one of them, connecting through the next 3-4 days.

Health and longevity to all!

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