33 herbs, rallying system, fight cancer announced

The collection of 33 herbs gives amazing results in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, including cancer!

Cancer - my personal enemy, because of this disease have died my parents. My father died 30 years earlier, and therefore his death was not so deep was deposited in my mind, much more remember the last days of life, mother, witnessed by me, Doctor, Candidate of Medical Sciences, happened to be. That's when I saw suffering most expensive man, vowed to come to grips with the problem of cancer and to stop this disease.

Fighting cancer - one of the most pressing and urgent problems of our time. For cancer mortality rates are for 2 place in the world after cardiovascular diseases.

The word "oncology" and "cancer" scaring people fear, horror and hopelessness, despite the fact that there are more than 400 treatments for cancer. But, unfortunately, more or less effective below 10 ... And the worst thing in the treatment - dissociation methods of official and folk medicine.

Some people believe that hope for the doctors do not. I do not support this view, as the diagnosis of any disease should be conducted using specialized methods. But when the diagnosis is known, then you can use the services of herbal medicine.

In the XXI century with an incredibly revived interest in medicinal plants. Currently, only the mentally blind may think that modern medicine is nothing to learn from folk, though grass is better tolerability profile than many synthetic drugs. Even the most modern chemical laboratory is unable to synthesize various compounds, which are obtained in nature.

Mankind has always dreamed of rejuvenation and recovery from cancer. Studies have shown that, unfortunately, no single plant, which alone could cope with the disease. Therefore it is necessary for the prevention and treatment apply Phyto. Currently, based on the experience of traditional medicine, experts have developed and successfully used in health for the collection of 33 herbs. It gives amazing results in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, including cancer!

As part of the collection of plants introduced to ensure that prevention and delay the growth of cancerous tumors and metastases in patients in late stages of the disease, increase immunity to facilitate removal from the body toxins and impurities and enrich it with vitamins and trace elements that contribute to the raising of male sexual potency, supporting the patient during surgery , chemo-and radiotherapy, as well as eliminating chronic fatigue.

As part of the collection of 33 herbs include: 1. Mistletoe 2. Birch (leaves), 3. Thyme 4. Drop Cap 5. Xanthium 6. Tansy 7. Strawberries (leaves) 8. Licorice (roots), 9. Thistle 10. Daisy, 11. Rose hips (fruit) 12. Celandine 13. Aronia, 14. Oregano, 15. Hunter, 16. Blackberries, 17. Currant, 18. Melissa, 19. Mint, 20. Len, 21. Oats, 22. Sporýš; 23. Nettles, 24. Elder, 25. Horsetail; 26. Valves beans; 27. Rhodiola rosea (golden root), 28. Aralia; 29. Comarum; 30. Orchis (salep) 31. Rhaponticum carthamoides (Maral root); 32. Kirkazon; 33. Lemongrass.

All plants in the collection of crushed. Their composition and the ratio of components may vary for each patient taking into account the diagnosis and individual tolerance of a grass. The first year of treatment of late stages of cancer through the collection of 33 herbs should be carried out without interruption, as the cancer does not give the person leave and holidays. Cessation at 2-3 months of receiving 33 infusions of herbs leads to the restoration of the tumor in the same amount.

For the preparation of a medicinal product 2 tablespoons mixture pour 2 cups boiling water, bring to a boil and boil on low heat for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat, insists 1 hour, then filtered and taken on 0,5 glass 4 times a day before meals. Treatment preferably be conducted under medical supervision.

Here is a stunning example of the impact of the collection of 33 herbs on the body 70-year-old woman diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastases in the bronchi and in the brain.

This patient was discharged from the oncologic dispensary as hopeless, without the slightest chance of recovery. Chemotherapy, because of poor state of women who could not apply. When the patient was discharged, she had, in spite of the catheter, did not leave urine and appeared bloody diarrhea. She did not eat or drink. In general, any chance of life, as doctors claimed, was not, and relatives were preparing for the funeral.

But the daughter of a woman did not want to believe it and, taking his sick mother back home, began to treat it according to the scheme infusion of hemlock and collection of 33 herbs. Now, 12 months after discharge from hospital, a former cancer patients themselves about the room and eats with gusto, sitting at the table with his family. In general, for the year Anastasia, was the name of this woman who returned from hell Heavy-run to a healthy happy life. Soon going to go to the country, closer to nature.

But, despite the fact that the health She is doing well, she continues to take the collection of 33 herbs and does not intend to part with him. Medicine treats, but nature heals, says Anastasia.

Comprehensive Cancer phytotherapy has diuretic, tonic, antibacterial, anti-stress, antiseptic, antitoxic, hematopoietic, kroveochistitelnoe, analgesic, choleretic, antiemetic, antitussive, antiinflammatory effect, helps digestion and improves motor activity. Side effects are absent.

2-3 weeks after starting treatment the patient improves complexion and appears locomotor activity. The course of the first phase - 3 months.

Treating cancer should be carried out, ozdoravlivaya whole body, because cancer patients often beyond the main disease detected hypertension, diabetes, alcoholism, epilepsy, etc.. Therefore, from time to time need to change the composition of medical data collection, in giving him herbs that improve the functioning of the whole organism, including the treatment of identified diseases. After all, when working without a glitch nervous and cardiovascular system, liver, kidney, endocrine glands, etc., healing occurs quickly.

Two identical cases of cancer there, because every person is unique. Consequently, each patient should apply individual techniques. This means that in addition to the permanent collection of the 33 herbs if necessary, introduce additional herbs. But it is treating the problem, not the patient. Self-medication is dangerous.

Everyone knows that a genetic predisposition and heredity - serious things. It is known that children of parents transferred appearance, facial expressions, the type of nervous system and hundreds of other features, as well as a tendency to some disease. As the saying goes, an apple from the apple does not fall far.

Now, in many Cancer Centre conducted genetic testing to determine the probability of disease. In Europe, observing practices for cancer families, to establish a joint group of physicians with the assistance of their genetics, molecular biology and psychology. The purpose of this team - do not miss the beginning of the disease. If a person displays a "breakdown" in the gene, then such patients are registered, recommend him poprinimat preventative herbal, try to lose weight, fill the food products of the sea, do not sunbathe, observe motor activity, etc.

Of course, the problem of genetic predisposition of cancer exists, but it does not mean that everyone from cancer families should occur with the disease. This I contend, based on their life experiences.

We all live in a great world, the name of which the planet Earth. There are more than 5 billion people, and we are all connected together. Universe - a sea of energy, which is a divine principle, and all our thoughts, positive and negative, listen to the supreme intelligence, analyzed, and then materialize.

So if you consider yourself a failure, sick, etc., that is all you and get in a few years or even months. Especially, this phenomenon manifests itself in oncology. People who for years nursed resentment, jealousy, envy, aggression, very often the victims of cancer.

I am not saying this just so. By the conclusion reached by analyzing the many years of life and disease in many people, including my parents.

My father for 30 years jealous of my mom. As a result of constant resentment, jealousy, anger, and anger led him to the impairment of health, he fell ill with cancer of the esophagus and the age of 51, God rest his soul, died.

My father was different precision, never smoked nor drank alcohol, but the nerve mental turmoil led him to cancer ... Practicing psychotherapist, psychologist, homeopath, author of psychological techniques Valery Sinelnikov in his book "Secrets of the subconscious," commented this phenomenon "... resentment as a way to change the attitudes of those around you, hidden desire the death of the person who causes the injury. And this aggression is directed at another person, then turns against the author himself and turns into a program of self-destruction.

This attracts like, and, unfortunately, the fate of cancer suffered and my mother. For 30 years she was hurt by a wild jealousy of my father, and this resentment led to that of 74 years my mother died of pancreatic cancer.

For me, these facts are proof of a terrible family, and the deepest convictions about the devastating effect of negative thoughts.

Many of us go through life with a constant sense of guilt, jealousy, resentment, fear or sadness. We develop the disease within his body. Environmental factors, environment, nutrition, radiation, etc. accounts are not removed, but a leading role in maintaining health are the consciousness and subconsciousness, focusing on success, happiness and joy of life. This confirms my whole life.

We must enjoy every day of life. After all, life - a priceless gift from your parents, the universe and the Lord. I believe that the universe affects us day and night, and to live a full life, you must love yourself, heal yourself, create awareness, aimed at success and victory.

Man finds naked on the ground and goes naked. From a nobody will. We do not belong: at home destroyed, cars are rusting, parents and friends go out of life. Even life is not ours, it is given at the time of rental. You should never predict a bad development, because what we expect, will be fulfilled. The level of stress should be minimized, as long stretches stress can kill. Here's an example: near the cell with a wolf tied a sheep, and two days later she was due to the fact that prebyvla constantly under stress, died of a heart attack.

To "escape" from cancer, we must make sure to get exercise. It can be walking, swimming, biking, working in the country, etc., each individually. No medicine can not replace the movement, and movement can replace many medications. I experienced firsthand this.

I have a sporting level in swimming, boxing, cycling and gymnastics. This gave me a margin of safety for life. Bill Phillips in his book "Body for Life wrote:" Change your mind, change your body, change your life. " And to confirm his words he cited the case history of a cancer patient, who at 18 was diagnosed with cancer (germinoma). Surgeons in 6 hours removed him from the abdominal and thoracic cavity 36 lymph nodes. The young man then lay immovable 23 days, and then decided to fight for their lives. He began to engage in physically and after 12 weeks gained 13 kg of muscle mass. Thus, and beat cancer. Doctors could not believe it. So, dear readers "Grandma", to draw conclusions. It is believed that physical exertion causes of increased protein breakdown (especially cancer cells) in the body, so the athletes less prone to cancers.

You may take it with irony, but still beneficial effect on patients with treatment of communication with animals. I'm always at home were the representatives of the animal world - man's best friend, loving, loyal, honest, always greets you with joy and be protected from dangers. I even do not dare call them pets. This is really disinterested friends of people whose representatives around the world put a lot of monuments. For 40 years, I was accompanied by large, good, strong dog (Doberman, Great Dane, German Shepherd), and now my friend - Asian Shepherd Alabai. It is a pity that the term of life of our four-legged friends a little, because to lose them very seriously ...

Why am I with such warmth and caring talking about dogs? Yes because we all need to move as much as possible, because without this health does not happen. Try and come to the aid of a dog, which, like it or not, in any weather have 2-3 times a day take out and walk every day with her for 1-2 hours. A month went 30-60 hours, and this means that such a walk will bring excellent health and will distract you from gloomy thoughts.

It is necessary to make friends with medicinal plants, which serve us today as well as thousands of years ago. Of course, I do not intend to reject the aggressive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, but, unfortunately, these methods provide only short-term results. Deaths on this treatment, sadly, up to 60%. Traditional treatment does not eliminate the main causes of cancer - a violation of self-regulation body. Everyone can use herbs for cleansing, removing toxins, waste, raising immunity and prevention of cancer. Of course, they have to pick up a strictly individual, so you need to do it experienced Herbalist's Guild.

Cancer - a very serious disease. Therefore, the need to treat it seriously. Must annually for 2-3 months with a view to taking preventive antitumor collection of 33 plants, most attention has been given psychotherapy, nutrition and physical stress, try to get rid of chronic stress, and with the appearance of any suspicious abnormalities in oncology necessarily consult onkopoliklinike .

In my family, I become the next victim of cancer, but do not even want to think about it. Preventive accept fee of 33 herbs, leading an active life, truly believe in God, and this saves me.

Take care of yourself and you, good people. Believe in the Lord, in the victory over the disease and you all will be well.

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