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Very often, traditional healers and onkotravniki refer to the method of cleaning the body from parasites - agents of cancer, described by Dr. G. Clark in her book "Freedom from all forms of cancer"

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Very often, traditional healers and onkotravniki refer to the method of cleaning the body from parasites - agents of cancer, described by Dr. G. Clark in her book "Freedom from all forms of cancer." The author argues that the causative agent of all forms of severe disease is the intestinal fluke (Latin - Fasciolopsis Buskii), belonging to the type of flatworm, and if you kill her, the development of the cancer process immediately stops.

Dr. Clark for getting rid of parasites suggests using it repeatedly tested triumvirate that includes the shell of a walnut, wormwood leaves and fruits of carnations. All this must be taken simultaneously.

Walnut shell prepared alcoholate
The casing is taken from the ripe nut, just as he fell to the ground or getting ready to do
Ready tincture should be pale green
Cook it yourself
Time infusion - from several minutes to an hour
As soon as the liquor will get the desired color, it must be immediately drained that it does not darkened
For a single treatment course requires 30 g infusion
Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach before meals
The first day of taking 1 drop of tincture, Second - 2, the third - to 3, the fourth - and 4, the fifth - 5 drops, each time by dissolving it in 0.5 cups water
Drink the liquid slowly, literally suck, and not to swallow in one gulp
Do not drink water or some other kind of liquid, especially hot
On day 6 to concentrate by dissolving 2 h
hazelnut liqueur 1 / 4 cup water
This concentrated solution to suck for about 15 minutes
If your weight is more than 75 kg, then on the sixth day in 1 / 4 cup water, dilute 2,5 h
tincture, and if about 100 kg or more - 3 hrs
If you are not sick, but just want to expel parasites from the body for prevention, then your rate - 2 h
hazelnut liqueur, dissolved in 1 / 4 cup water for a week
Take a year
When you are seriously ill and you are expected to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, immediately within 5 days take 2 hours
walnut tincture, dissolved in 1 / 4 cup water, 2 times a day (wormwood and cloves twice a day, too)
This will help stop disease progression
After this year, take a tincture of the same dose, but once a day

Artemisia for treatment only take ripe. Its leaves should be dried and crushed. In order not to feel bitterness, the grass in front of the reception can be contained in gelatin capsules. Single dose of reception - 0,2-0,3 g (1 / 4 tsp). For the child can dissolve it in honey. To wash down a small amount of wormwood water. Take it before dinner. The first and second day should be taken to 1 portion of wormwood, third and fourth - 2, fifth and sixth - 3, seventh and eighth days - 4, ninth and tenth - 5, eleventh and twelfth - 6, and the thirteenth and fourteenth days - to 7 servings. Try at least until the seventh day, while adult parasites die, take medication daily, without interruption. After fourteen days, take to 7 servings per week during the year.

Carnations for treatment, ideally, collect fresh, straight from the tree, and then dry. But alas, we are precluded from doing so and should therefore be satisfied with that which we buy in bags and use for marinades and other preparations. It should be crushed and placed in a capsule that is in wafer size of a pea. This will be a portion of about 0,5 g Take the cloves before eating: the first day - 1 serving 3 times a day, the second - to 2 servings from the third to tenth day, every day take on 3 servings cloves 3 times a day. After 10 days of receiving eggs of parasites die, but you still need to continue to take on 3 servings of cloves 1 time per week throughout the year.

I wish you all healing.

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