Treatment of cancer green clay

I want to share my method of treating cancer and other cancers using green bentonite clay

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I want to share my method of treating cancer and other cancers using green bentonite clay.

So, to make a remedy, we must take a lump of clay, preferably a clay powder, soak it in water, stir with a stick or hand to the state of ointment, and then to leverage, to pour into the clay a little vinegar, juice of plantain and horsetail decoction (all these fluids decompose toxic matter in the body, and clay absorbs them into itself). It may be in a different way. Grind in a mortar and a dry green bentonite clay, pour a little broth from the above mentioned herbs, vinegar, cabbage juice and bring to the consistency of ointment.

To cure cancer, tumors, ulcers of the stomach or intestines, to get rid of wounds and trophic ulcers, the affected area should be set not less than 4-5 clay widgets a day. In addition, it should be every hour to drink clay water to kill it in the body all diseased cells, microbes and bacteria. It is necessary to sit for 3 baths a day and, of course, adhere to the strictest vegetarian diet. No cancer, oncological or other illness will not stand in front of this treatment, except when the time is annoying missed or when our bodies suffer irreparable harm to other therapeutic methods.

Bentonite green clay has a balancing tonic and anti-cancer effect in respect of a living cell! This applies to certain types of cancer, any benign and malignant tumors, wounds and ulcers. Ointment is a green bentonite clay plays an important role in the treatment onkonedugov, as it reduces inflammation and thus clears of malignant tumors.

In the case of any ulcer or stomach tumor treatment should start with the fact that every half hour to drink 3-4 tablespoons clay water. You also need 3 times a day to take on 1-2 tsp powder of green clay. Possible during the day to suck her pieces. This is only good. Small wonder that in Bulgaria and France in pharmacies sell tablets of green bentonite clay. In ulcerative colitis should be alternately with green clay to take on 0,25-0,5 tsp white chalk. In tumors, trophic ulcers, eczema and other skin diseases bentonitic green clay is applied directly to the sore spot. But in this case, the lotion should not be very wet. And do not be afraid of any kind was infection, because the green bentonite clay is sterile and has pronounced antibacterial properties. Before and after the procedure, a sore spot should be well washed not too strong a solution of manganese. Making lotion to complete recovery.

In some cases, tumor, ulcer or wound after gadgets begin to expand. Do not be afraid. After the clay to cleanse the body, they zarubtsuyutsya. And then you can be confident that the disease no longer occurs. But it provided that you eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cured green bentonite clay, and women's diseases. Take it must be inside in the form of clay powder and the clay water and placed on the sick parts of the body, the lower abdomen, chest, etc. clay lotion, write for an hour or two into the vagina made of clay covered with gauze pads. In addition to the body came from all the dirt, make vaginal lavage clay and lemon water.

In the treatment of lung diseases should be done on the chest, 2-3, and even more clay compresses a day. In addition, it should be 1 time a day to rub his chest liquid clay mixed with grated garlic, garlic or camphorated oil. To do this, soak a cotton swab with this mixture and apply it on the palm and hold the circular movements clockwise rubbing.

And to treat all the above diseases have been successful, in parallel with glinolecheniem need to use other proven tools, used in treating certain diseases. Of course, the forms and methods very much, so you should carefully choose the one that suits you best.

Heal. God bless you, good people!

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