Do not experiment on themselves, because it threatens disaster

This is a letter I wrote to keep people with cancer of questionable treatment of frogs

Hello, "Grandma!

A lot of people with serious diseases, especially malignant tumors, are the most terrible experiments, just to get rid of the disease. Here's what I want to talk, in particular, would like to keep the cancer patients from the questionable treatment of frogs.

For example, women with breast cancer are advised to catch a few frogs in the pond, remove the skins from them, to impose their outer side of the body of the chest and leave for 1-2 hours. And how do you think would happen? Yes, just sick women receive severe burns! But this hook caught more than a dozen women ... Women with tumors of the genitourinary system are advised to boil frogs from rich broth and douche them. Those who have tried this treatment, all its troubles have added and severe burns! Many cancer patients are advised to drink broth from the frogs. But this frog soup is very poisonous, and if cancer patients are no metastases, then after eating a broth, they had just formed.

Many of his advisers explain their recommendation that the attachment of the skin of frogs to corns or calluses save them from these entities. But compare the skin on the toes and on the female breast, not to mention the douche? Of course, for the treatment of cancer can be used frogs, but use for this purpose need to extract from them, which is preparing a special method of distillation equipment. From each frog it turns out just a few milliliters. Pure extracts should be used very carefully, because it is very poisonous. The fact that nearly all frog skin is covered with toxic slime, so in a reasonable doses, it can be medicine, and overdose is facing unpredictable consequences. No wonder Aboriginal Amazon arrowheads rubbed the back of frogs, and then use them for hunting, because when hit a boom in the animal, it instantly dies. And the brighter the color of the frog, the stronger its poison.