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Specific natural remedy for cancer - edible linseed oil. I recommend for cancer prevention on a daily basis to take it to 1-3 teaspoons, and in case of illness to drink to 6 tsp per day

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Back in 1985, while visiting the traditional healers of Northern Caucasus, I met a very interesting way to determine the cancer. He concludes that two days should be nothing there, but only 3 times a day to drink a glass of a mixture of fresh carrot juice and milk (2:1). And if these two days you feel uncomfortable burning and pain, as from bee stings, it means - a malignant tumor.

At first glance, it seems completely ignorant, but I suggest to use this method of diagnosing a number of patients with suspected malignant tumor, and those in whom it was felt the above symptoms, and benign entities, no feelings no. And there is nothing unexpected. The fact that the carrot-milk mix is a potent stimulator of peroxidation of fats. As a result of free radical oxidation of fat in the cancer cells they sharply increased metabolism, thus swelling swells that cause unpleasant burning sensation. At the same benign tumors, where normal lipid peroxidation, did not cause any reactions.

Of course, I do not claim that this method of diagnosing infallible, it still requires validation, but still about him to know.

As a precaution onkoobrazovany recommend 2 weeks to take a day to 8 grains of pharmaceutical drug "Potassium iodide, and then 3 weeks, according to the instructions to use" Befungin, then a week every day, drink 1 / 3 cup beet juice, and then 7 days - 1 / 3 cup potato, and then daily during the month of fasting in the morning to drink 1 / 2 cup of tea, made from a mixture of celandine, nettle, succession, St. John's wort, plantain, and calendula, taken in equal parts by weight.

Prevents the development of malignant tumors of garlic. It is necessary to mince 300 g peeled cloves, pour garlic mixture into a transparent glass bottle of 250 ml of 960 alcohol, blue cloth to wrap the dishes and incubate at room temperature for 3 days. Then wrap the bottle in a red cloth and then leave it for 3 days. The next 3 days to wrap an orange cloth, then - yellow, green, and the last 3 days - blue. Total push for 21 days. Ready infusion drain and begin receiving a six drops at a time. Take 3 times a day. Every day, increasing the dose to 1 drop, reaching way up to 25 drops to receive and take in such numbers before the end of infusion. Drink it diluted in 50-70 ml of milk.

Prevents the development of cancer of the red elderberry. It is necessary to fill the jar a layer of ripe berries (before that sustain them 2 hours in the refrigerator), then a layer of sugar, and so fill the tank top. Soak in a warm place for 14 days, then strain, berries overcome and put syrup on storage in the refrigerator. Taking it in the morning and evening for 1 des.l. one hour before meals. Wash down with water. If the cancer has already formed, - drink daily for a month and 1 tablespoon syrup 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Then make a break for 2 weeks, and then repeat the course.

Good preventive agent - extract of elderberries. It is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water 1 tablespoon dried flowers plants, insist 3 hours, strain, wring out and take on 0,5 cup 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. Drink in small sips. You can mix and 1 tablespoon shredded leaves, elderberry and black nightshade, pour a mixture of 0.5 liters of boiling water, to insist 3 hours, strain and drink 1 / 4 cup 3 times daily before meals.

A common cause of cancer is the poor state of the intestine. Therefore it is necessary to eat. Enrich your diet use of figs, plums and beets, gradually teach yourself to drink fresh cabbage juice. First, drink it in half with carrot, and then gradually reduces the proportion of carrot juice. Perfectly restores muscle colon and small intestine is a mixture of carrot juice (300 ml) and spinach (100-150 ml). Drink all day. Take one hour before meals.

Polyps - benign growths that may in time degenerate into malignant ones. To delete them, recommend the use of enemas with the juice of celandine. The first 10-20 days to enter a mixture of 1 teaspoon juice and 2 liters of water, after a break of 15-20 days - from 2 tablespoons celandine juice and 2 liters water, and then after 15-20 days interval to repeat the 10-20-day administration of an enema containing the same amount of the mixture of juice and water. Number of treatments depends on the well-being, but not more than 4 consecutive. A year later, it is recommended to repeat. Prevent from polyps to malignant transformation of education and an annual consumption of berries Viburnum. Their fall should eat daily for 2-3 handfuls. There is one with fresh berries. And so, starting from September until the first frost. In winter, 1 tablespoon dried berries brew cup of boiling water, to insist 30 minutes, covering the vessel with a napkin, and drink 0.5 glasses in the morning and evening for an hour before meals.

Helps to fight cancer use a mixture of vegetable oils, while sunflower oil to be produced by cold pressing. Sometimes in order to improve the intestinal microflora in 0,1-0,5 liters oil mixture add 1 g of pink, lavender, or pine oil. Use only fresh oil. To the mixture is not provoked diarrhea, the body and they should accustom gradually and use of black bread, vegetables or cereals.

Sometimes the fish oil causes fluctuations in blood sugar, so watch carefully for this indicator, and immediately stop taking when glucose levels are above normal.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to animal fats, vegetable oils neglect, as a result suffer from chronic deficiency of vitamin F. Make a diet so that the consumption of animal fats minimized. Every day should eat soup 3-5 onions, cooked with the husks. In onion there is selenium, which helps cure.

Specific natural remedy for cancer - edible linseed oil. I recommend for cancer prevention on a daily basis to take it to 1-3 teaspoons, and in case of illness to drink to 6 tsp day. Linseed oil is not only promotes healing and reduces blood cholesterol.
Cancer patients need to limit, the use of high-protein food. We can only once a week, eat 100 grams of meat poultry and 100-200 g fish.

In adulthood, should be completely abandon the use of pure milk. Is it permissible to take on 0.5 cups a day bacterial kefir. Get it by milk curds, a small amount of fruit juice. Do not eat dairy meals. All cooking only in water, using whole grains, excluding semolina and purified in Fig.

Rise to tumors cause viruses, fungi, bacteria and worms. Therefore it is necessary to secure a bacterial food, getting rid of products in the cooking process which formed the mold. It should exclude all alcoholic beverages, brew sauerkraut, pickles, marinades, canned plums, figs and grapes (their skin is covered with fungi), yeast bread and kefir (remember that is allowed only on 0.5 cups per day bacterial kefir ). Grits and flour before cooking should be ignited in a skillet. Vegetables and fruits have only fresh. Before use, they should be blanched in boiling water.

Several years ago I witnessed as one with cancer cured by cleaning the body. It must hold at least two weeks. Here is the cleaning.

6.00-7.00. After emptying the bowels necessarily ordinary enema, then enter the syringe juice parsley. Wash and do exercises.

8.00. Agree with the pulp of 1-2 cups of freshly brewed watermelon, grape or orange juice.

11.00. Prepare the juices from the vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, parsley, celery, lettuce, potatoes, etc.), mix them in a glass mixture to squeeze the juice of one lemon and drink 1-2 glasses.

14.00. Fresh vegetables. Instead of bread consumed in a salad sprouted wheat, lentils, peas or poppy seeds.

16.00-17.00. To drink 1-2 glasses of a mixture of vegetable juices with lemon juice.

19.00-20.00. Eat salad with green beans.

A judicious combination of various methods of treatment helps to alleviate the suffering of patients and often extend their life. One of the leading places in this complex is herbal medicine. Here is one herbal that I recommend to take with radiation and chemotherapy.

Thus, it is necessary to grind and mix 50 grams of chamomile flowers drug, plantain leaves and peppermint, and 25 g herb yarrow and hypericum, then 1 tablespoon Pour mixture of 0.5 liter of boiling water, to insist hour, strain and drink 50 ml every hour for three days. After that, take 100 ml of 4 times a day for 15 minutes before a meal for the entire treatment course.

Copes with tumors and this medicine. Grind and mix 200 g of rosehips, 100 g of pine cones and grass yarrow, 10 g of wormwood, pour the mixture in an enamel saucepan, 3 liters of water, bring in a water bath to boiling and hold the lid on low heat for 4 hours. Remove from the stove, wrap and leave for 24 hours. Then drain, add 200 ml of "Befungina" (the pharmacy), and aloe juice, 250 ml of brandy, 250 g of honey per day, and again insist. Take 1 tbsp 3 times daily before meals.

This means treating cancer of the stomach, lung, fibroids, and various tumors. This regimen.

1. Bergenia Root chop to the size of buckwheat, put in enamel ware and for every 50 grams of the root add 350 ml of water temperature 600С. Wrap and leave for 8 hours. Store in a cool place. Take tincture, not throwing out his roots, 2-3 tsp 3 times a day for an hour before meals for three days.

2. Place in a dark glass bottle 12 g of dry grass celandine, pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist 5 days. Three days take 1 des.l. 3 times a day for 40 minutes before eating.

3. Pour in a bottle of dark glass of 100 g chopped root Eleutherococcus 0,5 l of vodka, insist 10 days and drink for three days to 1 tsp 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Each of the above infusions taken, alternating, for 3 days with the infusion of Marina root. To prepare it, have 50 grams of crushed root placed in a bottle of dark glass, pour 0,5 l of vodka and insist 10 days. Take 1 tbsp 3 times a day. The course of treatment - 3 months. All tinctures diluted 3 times with water. Change their reception in some places impossible. Metastases in addition to infusion of celandine. It should be 30 g of dry powdered herbs to fill in an enamel pot 500 ml of water, bring to a boil, remove from heat, strain after 10 minutes, pour into a bottle of dark glass and put it to storage in a cool place. Drink 100 ml 3 times a day for 10 minutes before eating.

In the treatment of lung cancer, breast, larynx, Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, eczema, neurodermatitis, stripping and tuberculosis better medicines than the fraction of ASD-2, not found. Persons from 15 to 20 years to take her on 0,5-1 ml by dissolving in 10-20 ml of water, and 20 years and older - to 2-5 ml with 40-100 ml of water. Drink 1 times a day for 30-40 minutes before eating. Allow five days, and then make a break for 2-3 days and repeat treatment. And so to recover. You can take a concentrated solution of SDA-2. It must be bottled in 0,7 pour 200 ml, top up with distilled water bottle belt, tightly resealed and stir well. Dose to receive all the same. Drink for five days to 1 tsp once a day in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating. After three days of interruption to repeat the course. And so before complete recovery. Do not let overdose.

For the treatment was successful, start treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses, be sure to clean the body, go to a vegetarian diet, completely give up sugar and try to saturate the body of ascorbic acid by eating large quantities of lemon, black currant, wild rose, and berries. Eat nuts, apples, grated carrots, drink coniferous broths, 3-4 times a day, eat a piece of shit the size of a fasolinu, washed down with a glass of water with 1 tsp honey.

In the treatment of cancer of any use celandine extract. There are several ways to cook.

1. Pour in the enamelware cup boiling water 1 tablespoon crushed roots of the plant, hold a closed-lid bowl for 20 minutes in a water bath, drain, to bring the boiled water It is highly volume to 200 ml and drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal. Every cook fresh.

2. Mix 20 ml of water liquid extract celandine, 60 ml of peppermint drops, 300 ml of syrup hips and take the first three days every 3 hours to 1 tablespoon, and then within one month of 1 teaspoon 3 times daily before meals.

In cancer of the liver used infusion Boudreau plyuschevidnoy. 10 g chopped grass insist 10 days in the dark in 100 ml of vodka, filtered and drink 15 drops 3 times a day. In addition, should be used to 1 tsp 3 times a day a mixture of powdered milk ripeness walnuts with honey, taken in equal parts by weight, and there is an unlimited number of melon.

Compression, soaked in fresh juices drop caps and thistle, treat melanoma (skin cancer).

Receiving broth alder eliminates cancer of the throat and esophagus. Pour 200 ml water 15 g of crushed leaves of plants, bring to a boil, strain and drink 1 / 3 cup 3-4 times daily after meals. You can take tincture duckweed (1 tablespoon of raw material to fill a glass of vodka, insist 7 days in a dark place, strain and drink 1 tsp 3 times daily after meals). Good to inhale the smoke burned seeds xanthium. Even at oesophageal cancer should take 1-2 tbsp 3 times a day, fruit juice, burdock.

Prostate cancer can be cured infusion of young twigs and bark of aspen (200 g of raw material to fill a glass of boiled water, to insist 2 hours in a dark place, strain and drink 1 / 3 cup 3 times a day).

Plantain heals stomach cancer. The crushed fresh leaves of plants pour equal quantity of sugar by weight, insist 2 weeks and then take the resulting juice 1 tbsp 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before eating.

Some patients are completely cured of cancer infusion of flowers of potato. It is necessary to fill in a thermos of hot water 0,5 l 1 tbsp dry raw material, to insist 3 hours, strain and drink a glass of 0.5 to 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment - 21 days. After a ten-break again.

With any cancer should be 3 tbsp crushed flowers of willow-tea poured into a thermos 0,5 L of boiling water, to insist 40 minutes, strain and drink 1 / 3 cup 3 times a day.

May God bless all health.

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