Cancer: an active treatment techniques

On the theoretical development and practical improvement of this technique took me 5 years. Now I can confidently say: "An active technique of self-cancer poisons created!"

Hello, "Grandma!

Before we share our experience, I hasten to say that I never asked to treat cancer patients. My dream - to create a universal method of self-all cancer patients non-traditional methods, although many have proven, painted in minute detail and giving good results methods. No need for comments methodology Olga Eliseeva, Valeria Tishchenko, Nikolai Shevchenko and Sergei Dorokhov and other healers, but they do for all people with cancer and all cancers are invited one and the same treatment that is not always correct and not always justified. I also wanted to create a method by which people with cancer myself, without my hints, could determine for themselves the degree of cure, they received a dose of poison and the time of treatment. In its theoretical development and practical improvement lasted 5 years. Now I can confidently say: "An active technique of self-cancer poisons created!"

Using other methods, cancer patients become passive executor of someone else's appointment. He has no criteria to determine their intake of doses of a poison, because he had already identified this dose and the scheme of its reception, not including any amount of tumor, nor the weight of the patient or disease state or condition of an individual organism.

But the main thing - the developers did not foresee all sorts of techniques that the course of oncologic diseases, namely, the metabolic processes occurring in onkoopuholi, are developing very quickly. Compared with healthy cells, cancer at 19 times faster and consume more nutrients and oxygen available in the blood and lymph cancer patient. In fact, his body turns into a factory for the preparation of a medium for feeding the tumor cells, that is, everything that goes into the stomach of the patient, splits, digestible and palatable onkokletkami almost one hundred percent, leaving healthy cells just a little. That is why when a large tumor at the last stage of the disease cancer patient is very thin.

The standard dose for various concentrations of the poison and the same regimen is not always justify themselves. That's why I decided to take up their immediate improvement, trying to create a single universal, but for people with cancer each individual technique, which he himself with cancer could be adjusted depending on the degree of cure and its physical condition.

After analyzing many techniques and a large number of stories of cancer patients, I came to the conclusion that contribute to the development of tumor protein (fish, meat, egg protein), glucose (sugar, Starchy foods such as potatoes) and oxygen. So why do we feed her meat and drink sweet tea? Perhaps, instead, giving her strong poisons dissolved in the water? Tumor cells can not directly determine the concentration of poison and will absorb it as much as sweet tea, that is 19 times faster than healthy cells of healthy organs.

Virtually healthy cells poison does not get it because it will absorb all onkokletki. And such a relationship lasts as long as people with cancer are not fully saturate the poison tumor metastases and individual onkokletki. Only after this venom begins to flow to healthy cells. The patient immediately react to it by nausea, vomiting or diarrhea (diarrhea). Since then, an urgent need for 2 days to stop the use of poison and other drugs used in treatment! In these days need to do deep cleansing enemas clean boiled, cooled to 380s, with water. Enemas should be entered in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bed (for the time to put one after the other three two-liter). And so two days in a row. On the third day in the morning you want to resume reception of the poison, reducing the dose to two drops, cause nausea. So every day to reduce it to one drop, until you reach the initial number of drops, you may be taking at a time. Drink the poison 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal.

Take for example, two options receiving the poison.

Option A. with cancer is beginning to take 3 times a day aconite. He drank his from 1 to 10 drops, dissolving in 100 ml of water and daily increasing to drop. If you use 10 drops of aconite not cause nausea and vomiting, you can keep taking the poison, daily increasing the dose to drop its reception. So to continue until the nauseating state. If nausea occurs in a 97 drop, should immediately stop taking all drugs and poisons, and in the evening to put one of the other 3 two-liter enema. The next two days to enter the enema for 3 in the morning and evening, and already on the fourth day to continue receiving aconite, reducing the dose that caused nausea, 2 drops, ie from 97 to switch to receive 95 drops 3 times a day. This will be your therapy, ie, the maximum allowable, a dose of poison at this stage of treatment. Why is this? Yes, because in the second cycle of taking the poison, it can be quite different.

Thus determined for each cycle taking its therapeutic dose, daily decreases it at 1 drop. For example, you began to take on 95 drops of aconite 3 times a day. In a dose of poison you drink one day and the next reduce the reception at the drop of (95-1 = 94 drops 3 times a day). On the third day, taking to 93 drops on the fourth - on 92 and so on, until, on a daily basis by reducing the dose to drop, you reach the minimum recommended. This requires therapeutic dose reduced by approximately 60 drops, ie, 95 - 60 = 35. With this minimally acceptable dose of 35 drops should reduce the daily reception of poison to 5 drops. That is the first day you take 30 drops 3 times a day, the second - at 25, the third - to 20 etc. Bringing such an accelerated method of reception of the poison in there, rest no more than 5-7 days without taking any drugs these days, and then repeat the treatment. And so to recover.

Option B. Patient with cancer takes from 1 to 10 drops 3 times a day, every day increasing to drop and drank 100 ml of water, aconite. And suddenly, at a dose of 10 drops was sick. In this case, should not increase the dose. Should stop taking the poison and carry out a two-day deep cleaning enema. After that, reduce the dose of aconite reception at 2 drops in 10 days 3 times a day to take poison to 8 drops or the drop is not increasing or decreasing the dose. Beginning with the eleventh day of every day add 1 drop until yet again you feel nausea or vomiting.

Option VI with cancer begins 3 times a day with 100 ml of water taken from 1 to 10 drops of aconite, and suddenly he vomited. If this happens, immediately have a two-day deep cleaning enemas, and on the third day of admission to reduce the dose to 2 drops of venom, and from 8 drops each day to take a drop of aconite lower back in such a way to initial dose of 1 drop. Without treatment break, start again a day add 1 drop, yet again go out to their individual, causing nausea, dose. So do several times, bringing the one-time dose of poison receiving at least up to 35-40 drops.

Thus, taking as a basis for options A, B, C and B, each with cancer can develop its own method of taking the poison and go for the individual dose of his admission, determining for themselves every cycle. That is the meaning I propose an active method.

I strongly recommend be treated aconite cycles: up and down. The last cycle, that is, with individual therapeutic dose and up to 1 drops, be sure to pass through.

Treat aconite 3-5 months in a row, rest 5-7 days, not taking any drugs, and then go to the reception of other plant poisons such as hemlock.

Start with 1 reception it drops, dissolving in 100 ml of water. Take a hemlock, as well as aconite, 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal. Increase daily dose of admission to 5 drops. Reaching way to 35 drops, with this dose and to individual therapy, each day increase the dose of poison is not five, and one drop.

And so on, until you feel nausea, vomiting, worsening state of health or weakness. Can a fever, appear sweating, unsteadiness of gait or a feeling of general discomfort. Since then, immediately stop taking hemlock, a two-day deep cleaning enemas, and then reducing the dose that gave rise to the above symptoms, to 3 drops, start a daily basis to reduce the drop by drop.

Like aconite, hemlock should take cycles, and drink it, too, need 3-5 months. Try to complete the full cycle of receiving, put into it during the treatment course.

Anyone who starts to apply to a proactive method, I want to warn that individual therapeutic dose of poison taken for each are different and sometimes very high. This is afraid not!

The average single individual receiving a dose of poison varies from 50 to 200 drops.

At the sixty-seventh year of life, I decided to try a long-standing drug aconite, hemlock and bedrentsa. Without thinking twice, with April 1, 2005 began to take increased doses of poison on their own, individually designed schemes. The results of the experiment, and my conclusion I described in detail in the article "Cancer. Prevention of illness ", published in" Granny »№ 41 (354) for October 10 and № 42 (355) for October 17, 2006.

In the two years prior to April 2007, I brought a single dose of aconite receive up to 130, and hemlock - up to 150 drops. At the same time taking poison every day, not missing a single day. April 25, 2007 decided to do ultrasound, again referring to those skilled doctors from Zaporozhye.

What was her surprise when she saw the results of research, I learned that I had two years of large doses accept vegetable poisons.

The doctor could not resist and immediately looked at the veins in my hands (all cancer patients know that after 2-3 chemotherapy is almost impossible to find them in order to make the injection). They were clearly defined and flexible.

Another year passed. Once again, pass ultrasound in the same doctor and on the same apparatus. During this time I was older, but also increased the dose I was taking poison: on April 2, 2008 at a time I drank 175 drops of aconite and hemlock 200.

Jeanne Eduardovna (the name of the doctor) knew me and graciously agreed to again inspect all my internal organs. After ultrasound, she compared the results with last year and was very surprised when they discovered the changes for the better.

Continuous reception me, poisons and other drugs has improved the state of my kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen, and gall bladder was me, as a young man - disappeared completely his inflection. Now in its 70 years, I feel healthier than in the age of seventeen.

But most importantly, I proved its three-year experiment - this is what poisons can take very high doses and for a very long time, alternating between them, without causing harm, but on the contrary, strengthening it.

As mentioned above, I'll drink to every 175 drops of aconite and 200 hemlock, but all records of receiving these poisons broke my young patient from Lugansk Julia.

When she and her husband, Sergei, after five months of taking aconite in February of this year came to me for a consultation and said that now takes poison in 450 drops 3 times a day, I was surprised and thought it was wrong to make drugs. But, checking the concentration of aconite, and saw that all the relevant rules. Finding as poison, Julia advised to bring a dose of receiving up to 500 drops and then make a two-day cleansing enema and begin to reduce the dose of venom employed under this scheme: from 500 to 480 drops - 1 drop (20 days), from 480 to 450 drops - for 2 drops (15 days), 450-400 drops - 5 drops (10 days), 400-300 drops - 10 drops (10 days), 300-200 drops - 20 drops (5 days), 200-100 drops 30 drops (3 days), from 100 to 1 drops - 50 drops (2 days).

A total reduction of 500 drops to one took 65 days. Refreshed after a week without taking any poisons and drugs, Julia began, rising roughly in the same manner, drink hemlock, bringing a single dose of his admission to 600 drops. With this dose, she began gearing up to 1 drops down to the reception.

I regularly call up with Julia. She's all right. Julia is working almost around the clock and feels great. Cancer is not progressing. May God continue saves her and helps heal from this terrible disease.

Here's an example. Now let's imagine that Julia, in its therapeutic dose of hemlock for 600 drops 3 times a day, began taking poisons from 1 to 40 drops, and only in the morning on an empty stomach? It is clear that this treatment is no inhibition of tumor development Julia not be achieved, since its imaginary stereotype dose of 40 drops once a day different from its actual daily dose of 45 times!

Julia regular ultrasounds and other surveys, to monitor your internal organs. Besides the treatment of poisons, it applies supportive therapy, walking confidently towards the ultimate goal - complete destruction of tumor in his body.

That's all I wanted to tell you about active methods of cancer treatment. With cancer, believe it! Fight for your life for a long time taking large doses of poisons, determined by your body! Use the end of a chance for salvation! May God help you in this God!

Ask for advice. Always ready to answer your questions. On Saturday and Sunday to receive patients from 7.00 to 19.00 at home, and from 8.00 to 12.00 on Wednesday and Friday Consult in "Family Medicine Clinic, located in Zaporozhye. Consultations on the phone giving daily, 365 days a year. Agree and advise for free.

Once again I wish everyone good health and longevity!

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