On the treatment of oncological telling you again: in my technique - grass base

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Hello, "Grandma!

Before proceeding to the presentation of recipes I want to warn that patients with epilepsy and pregnant liquor hemlock and juice of celandine contraindicated. And yet no one at the time of treatment can not drink alcoholic beverages, sweets, tea, coffee, and in any case not smoke.

Thyroid cancer is about 1% of the total number of cancers. In women it occurs 4 times more often than men. The most common thyroid cancer affects people aged 20-50 years. Early diagnosis increases the chances of successfully getting rid of him.

Promotes healing compresses on thyroid gland
The first 10 days should be daily morning and evening for 4 hours to make a compress of crushed pine resin (melt it in a water bath and use as a compress)
In between the compresses of the resin put 2 times a day pack from the juice of celandine, imbued them gauze, folded in 4 layers
Keep it no more than an hour
In winter, due to lack of juice of celandine, you can apply a concentrated extract of dried grass plants
Must fill in a thermos 150 ml boiling water 2 tablespoons
riding with celandine, insist 2 hours, the infusion to compress
The next 10 days to the region of the thyroid gland are making a compress of a mixture of 3 parts onion and 1 part of honey, made by weight
Just as a compress of gum, put it in the morning and evening, soaking each time for 4 hours
In between compresses a mixture of onions and honey should be 2 times a day to two-hour poultice of fresh leaves of poison hemlock spotted, lubricated with honey
Alternatively, you can poison hemlock to put a compress made of birch tar
The third ten days every morning and evening for 2 hours put compress a mixture of grated black radish and whey
You can put in their place compress a mixture of ground hemlock cake speckled with vodka
After this ten-day course for 20 days through the morning and evening, put on the thyroid gland for 2 hours compress a mixture of vinegar, honey and vodka, made in equal parts
You can likewise make compresses from the juice of celandine and tinctures hemlock
Thus, alternating above compresses, are treated to complete resorption of the tumor

Has proven its value in the treatment of thyroid cancer and a compress of dried bark of young twigs sturdy oak. Need 1 tablespoon with the top chopped raw material to fill in enamelware cup of boiling water, bring to a boil 2 times (do not boil!), then remove the pan from the fire and insist with the lid closed for 3 hours. Then in the broth to moisten towel and apply it for 2 hours to the tumor. Perform the procedure in the morning and evening. You can likewise set compress uparennoy in a water bath until 1 / 4 part of the original volume of urine.

In parallel with the compression on the thyroid gland recommend to take 3 times a day according to the scheme infusion of hemlock Spotted
In the morning on an empty stomach, at 6
00, one hour before a meal, take 1 drop of tincture, 15
00, 3 hours after eating, to repeat the reception, and then drink brandy at 21
On the following day to take its already 2 drops
And so every day to increase the dose to 1 drop, until you reach the single dose of 30 drops
If this dose does not cause pain in the heart, liver and kidneys, no dizziness and nausea, then 30 drops can be taken 5 more days
If you'll continue to feel good, then the next 25 days take a tincture of hemlock to 40 drops to 3 times a day, then go to the decrease from 30 to 1 drop
It takes you 90 days, ie one course
Take a five-day break and again start taking tincture hemlock
But this time, when you reach 30 drops to the reception, start 30 days take hemlock 3 times daily 40 drops, and then with a decrease of 30 drops to 1
This again will take 90 days
The dose from 1 to 13 drops taken from the 100 ml of water, from 13 to 26 drops - from 150 ml and from 26 to 30 drops - with 200 ml of water
You can repeat the 2-3 rate for 90 days with a five-day break between
Do not overdo it, since overdose is unacceptable!

I described the reception of infusions hemlock in the highest dose, but every body is unique, so Choose your own you permissible norm acceptance, focusing on their health. The second option receiving infusions hemlock in the highest dose 3 times a day from 1 to 40 drops, and with a decrease from 40 to 1 drops - one course of 80 days. Break after the first course of 5 days. And since a 2-3 rate.

Now tell about the treatment of bladder cancer, papilloma in the urinary bladder and testicular cancer.

Bladder cancer occurs in males four times more often than women. Particularly susceptible to it smokers. The most frequent symptom of this disease is the appearance of blood in the urine. Urine color recalls meat slops, which are floating small blood clots. These clots can appear and disappear for a long time. Typically, tumors of the bladder is accompanied by cystitis. If the tumor is located near the bladder wall, then breaks down the outflow of urine, there are spasms during urination, the urine becomes turbid and fetid. When the first symptoms of bladder cancer necessarily need to go to the urologist and get tested, because early diagnosis increases the chance of recovery.

In cancer mochevika bleeding folk medicine recommends the morning, afternoon and evening for 30 minutes before a meal to take mixture of 1 protein of fresh chicken eggs from domestic chickens with 1 tsp ashes of burnt hair. To wash down a mixture of herbal infusions. To prepare it, it is necessary to grind dried and mixed in equal parts by weight of flower baskets cat paws, yarrow herb, St. John's wort flowers, leaves, dead-nettle white and wild strawberries, then 2 tablespoons Pour the mixture in an enamel pot 0,5 L of boiling water, bring to a boil and boil under the lid for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove from the stove, to insist to cool and filter. Rate of infusion can be up to three days stored in a dark cool place. In addition to receiving a mixture of protein and ash must be daily morning and evening for 30 minutes before a meal to drink 1 teacup It is highly narrow-leaved fireweed (rose-bay). For its preparation 1 tsp with the top chopped herbs pour 250 ml boiling water, wrap up warm and insisted half an hour.

Formation of papillomas in the bladder promote chronic inflammation, as well as the presence of sand and stones in it. Symptoms are persistent dull pain in the mochevika, accompanied by difficult and painful urination. Traditional medicine in this case recommends the morning, afternoon and evening for 30 minutes before meals take 1 tbsp infusions of pure olive oil, cooked with herbs. In 1 liter of oil is put on 4 tablespoons herb St. John's wort and centaury, leaves and flowers drop-cap pharmaceutical, boil an hour on very low heat, then 1-2 days insist and filter.

Testicular cancer - a disease of men aged 20 to 35 years, although in one form or another may arise at any age. Usually it is manifested the appearance painless induration or mass in one of the testes. The best method for early detection of this type of cancer - regular testicular self-examination when taking baths or showers. Normally the testicles should be smooth and relatively firm. If any seal or any other differences between these paired organs should seek medical advice immediately and tested for ultrasound.

Promotes recovery from testicular cancer compress a mixture of herbs Celandine, and St. John's wort, taken in equal parts by weight, and then passed through a meat grinder. This herbal weight should be placed on the eggs, cover with a linen cloth, cellophane and fix plaster. Wearing a pack a day. Every day, make fresh.

The introduction of a syringe in 20 blocks through the urethra into the bladder of a mixture of melted water, mummy, sea buckthorn oil and tinctures hemlock guarantee 100% cure for 2,5-3,5 months of bladder cancer, testicular and reduces papilloma. Recipe I do not write, because the dose for each individual organism and the procedure for the introduction should be carried out under the supervision of the urologist or oncologist. Young men are not encouraged to enter the infusion of hemlock in the urinary canal, but if the situation hopeless, you should do douching syringe without a needle.

In cancer, testicular and bladder cancer in parallel with the above treatment should take the juice of celandine. It should drink 1 tbsp 4 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal, washed down with a sip of water. For the first time to take in the morning on an empty stomach, at 6.00, then - in 12.00, 17.00 and last drink in 22.00. Drink this scheme within a month, then make a 10-day break and repeat treatment. Carry 3-4 such courses. Those who first takes the juice of celandine, I recommend the first 5-7 days poprinimat it 4 times a day for 1 tsp or 1 des.l. that the body used to it. Those who increased acidity of gastric juice, to normalize it, you need every morning on an empty stomach before taking the juice of celandine drink 0.5 cups of fresh carrot juice. 1 month of treatment takes 2 liters of juice of celandine.

For its preparation Tear out in May during the flowering vine plants along with 50% of the roots, wash dirt, remove any yellow leaves and air dry for 2-3 hours. Then mince and then add the cake in a quart, and close them kapron lids. Having done so, start a nylon stocking squeeze the juice from the masses. From one liter cans meal should get 0,5 l of juice. Pour it on the banks and put them on the bottom shelf of the fridge for 2-3 days. Then pour off the pure juice, and throw sediment. For 1 liter of juice, add 250-300 ml of alcohol 960. Now they can be treated. Kept the juice, keeping their therapeutic properties, 5 years.

You can instead take the juice of celandine, as described above, the infusion of hemlock
But, before embarking on any treatment-run, you need to clean the intestines from toxins
To do this you need to collect 2 liters of his own urine, pour it into an enamel dish, bring to a boil and boil without the lid up until there will be 500 ml of urine
Cool it to a temperature at 3-40C (no more!) Above the temperature of your body and using Esmarch douches, enter through the anus into the intestine
You can gradually increase the amount of injected urine to 1 liter, and then just gradually reduced to 50 ml
You can then enter daily for up to 2 liters of warm urine
If it costs more than a day, then it is an old urine and it should be boiled
If urine is fresh, then it does not need to boil, just warm up to 400C
With the help of enemas for 1-2 months disappear Persistent constipation, but after one or two times spontaneously out worms
Urinovye enema cure hemorrhoids (enter from 50-100 ml of urine uparennoy 3 times a day), polyposis and colitis, bring improvement in incontinence
However, with strong affections of the mucous membrane of the intestine, such as ulcerative colitis, uparennaya urine will cause pain at first, as of burning
Pain indicates that all unnecessary torn away and the disease is cured
After the introduction of urine into the intestines should definitely lie on your back for 5 minutes, lifting the legs and pelvis up, and then turn right and the left side so that fluid dispersed throughout the intestine

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