Blueberries deliver us from cataract

0.5 cups of dried bilberry add water (preferably distilled), the amount of water must be equal to the amount of berries ...

0.5 cups dried blueberries add water (preferably distilled), water volume should be equal to the volume of berries. Close the lid, give it brew for 10-15 minutes in a dark place. Then pour the juice which insisted in an enamel mug. Bring to a boil and boil over low heat until the juice until the volume is not reduced to 1 / 3. Cool and filter, bury it 2-3 times a day 2-3 drops. At the time of burial will be felt burning sensation for 10-15 seconds.

The course of treatment - 15 days, then 2 days break and a further 15 days for treatment. The result is positive.