People who want their writing to help you cope with the cataract

Belmont called scar tissue that has developed in the cornea and cause its blurred ...

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to suggest recipes for the treatment of cataract (wall-eye). But first, introduce readers to the letter from Oli, David Moldova. That's it.

Dear Natalia G.!

Writes you Olya from Moldova. In June 2005, I requested your assistance for the treatment of cataracts with my friend, the mother of eight children. You have not denied my request and sent recipes to cure the disease with the help of the golden mustache. All of them I sent acquaintance. Recently visited her a visit. It is impossible to convey in words how I was glad when I saw her clean healthy eyes! Familiar said that was treated by your recipes, but to prevent wants more time for treatment.

Thank you for your kindness, Natalia G.! God bless you and your family.

With Christian greetings - Olya, Balti '

Reading the letter, I am very glad that I could help a woman lose cataracts. That this letter was the main reason for writing the recipes from the disease in the newspaper.

Belmont called scar tissue that has developed in the cornea and cause its turbidity. In most cases, cataracts are not amenable to drug therapy, so many have resorted to using traditional medicine.

At eye injury to prevent cataracts should be 2 tablespoons juice of the golden whiskers mixed with 250 g of honey and taken daily for 1 des.l. within 7 days.

One effective means of treatment is a decoction of herbs leucoma euphrasy and golden mustache. It is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon euphrasy and 1 tsp crushed leaves of the golden mustache, pour mixture 2 cups hot water, bring to a boil over medium heat, lower the heat to a minimum and boil 5 minutes. Strain. Swab wetted in the decoction and apply it to the patient eye for 3-5 minutes. In addition, it is recommended 3 times a day drip to the patient's eyes on 1-2 drops of juice of the golden mustache. Treatment is carried out for 10 days. If during the treatment eyes red and watery, the procedure should be for a few days to stop.

And some old recipes from the whites. They I got from my grandmother.

1. Eat daily by dissolving in 1 tablespoon water on the tip of a knife powder herbs euphrasy. When the redness of the eye will pass, you can inject a little every day in their powdered sugar. Treatment of long-term, but in the end is a thorn.

2. Cut the top of freshly baked rye bread hole diameter of a glass and put it in a glass upside down. Soon on the inside of its surface formed droplets. They should be buried in the daily patient eyes to the disappearance of whites.

3. Bury every day until the patient recovers in the eyes 1 drop of fresh resin fir.

I would be very happy if at least someone can help cope with the cataract - as helped friend Oli from Moldova.

Excellent view of all!

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