Cataracts can be cured, believe me, I know. Own example is to confirm

Now I'm 78 years old and my eyesight all right. But a few years ago I had both eyes had cataract ...

Hello, "Grandma!

I would like to share your story treatment. Hopefully, my experience at least someone will help avoid surgery.

Now I'm 78 years old and my eyesight all right. But a few years ago I had both eyes had cataract. At that time, my vision was useless, I could only read through the two pairs of glasses and people learned with difficulty even at a distance closer than 2 meters. The disease progressed, and in 2000 in connection with this I had to postpone an operation in Kiev. For even the day of her conduct was appointed.

But before I go to Kiev, I decided to treat the eyes of the methods. First, during the week 2 times a day dripped into each eye of 2 drops of pure onion juice. The second week of diluted 2 tsp boiling water 1 tsp honey and bury it in the eye of 2 drops, too, 2 times a day, this solution. In the third week of separating the 1:1 honey and water and dripping the mixture. On the fourth week took pure honey, poppy in his little finger and the pad, eyes wide open, gently touching your eyes, trying to touch the pupil. Then closed her eyes, under the lower eyelid dabbed cotton wool, and light circular movements massaged his eyes to the honey in it is well dissolved. A little hot, but then it all goes away.

The result exceeded all my expectations! I now read and write without glasses. However, besides the above-described treatment, I'm still honing her eyes. For this purpose a piece of paper, first cutting out large letters, then all the finer and finer, and tried to read them at a distance without glasses. If someone followed my advice, I advise you not to rush and well to scrutinize the words to read without glasses. Be persistent!

When it came to the hospital to check vision, the doctor did not want to believe that I no longer have a cataract and I see very clearly, but the fact was evident. Then the doctor asked how I was able to restore sight, and I shared with him his technique.

I wish you all good luck and faith in recovery. On its results necessarily write in "Granny".

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