As I wrestle with cataract

This method has been seven years restrain the cataract, not giving her progress

I'll tell you as I wrestle with cataracts. This method has been seven years restrain the disease, not giving her progress. So, in the morning, as soon as I wake up, exercise for the eyes. First execute eyes circular motion clockwise, then slip look left, right, up and down. Every movement of the eyes perform 10 times. After graduating from the charge, type in the palm of water and 10 times bathe her eyes open. This improves the circulation. After completing this procedure, eat 1 tbsp well-sprouted wheat, bridou her honey. Besides all this, 3 times a day they bury in the eyes of 1-2 drops of liquid honey, and at night I put him on a tiny piece of each eye. Break in treatment do not.

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