Many suffer from cataracts. How to cope with it?

I want to write about the treatment of cataract, which affects many older people. My recipes will not be blinded and return the lost vision

Hello, "Grandma!

I decided to write about the treatment of cataract, which, unfortunately, suffer from many of the elderly. If blindness - a great misfortune, then all sorts of eye diseases including cataracts, - the path to this misfortune. Recipes that offer help to not be blinded and return the lost vision.

You can dissolve in a glass of water a piece of alum the size of 4 barley grain and this solution 3-4 times a day to wash sore eyes. Good results are obtained by rinsing solution Sabur (dry hardened condensed juice of aloe leaves, obtained by evaporation). To prepare the solution of the drug to throw a pinch in a glass of hot water.

It will help restore eyesight and an odd way. Sew Linen sheets long shirt with long sleeves, wet it before going to sleep at night is not very concentrated salt solution, wear, well wrapped and lie down so 1,5-2 hours. This procedure prevents blood flow to the eye and contributes to their recovery. The first week of doing it every day, the second - through the day, the third - every two days, while the fourth - in 3 days. At the same time every day to add to food or drink a little chalky powder. Very useful.

Still suffering cataracts suggest mixed in equal parts by volume of aloe juice, honey and fresh May distilled water, to give this brew solution for 12 hours, and then put it to storage in the refrigerator. Every day for a month in the evening before bedtime to bury 3-4 drops of the mixture in each eye.

I recommend medical treatment and such old-fashioned recipe. Mix in a glass of distilled water to the homogeneous state of 43,5 g of camphor powder, 14.5 g of alum and 100 g of olive oil, soak in a solution of linen rag, and attach them as a compress for 1-2 hours in patients with closed eyes. If the burn will not, continue to carry out such everyday procedures to recover. If there is a burning, increase in the solution of the oil and water. Perform the procedure at night before going to bed, lying in bed.

In parallel with the above methods of treatment to take baths with a decoction of oat straw and pine extract. After the Bath pour cold water.

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