From flannel cloth pouches sewn, and filled with dill, put your eyes ...

My katarkte has been about three years, when I read the recipe in "Granny" Tatiana Shafaruk of Cherkassy

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to tell about how the friendship with you helps me to heal.

At one time in both eyes, I began to form cataracts. Implementing the recommendations of physicians did not bring improvement. Cataract has been nearly three years, when I read the recipe Tatiana Shafaruk of Cherkassy region, on which she recovered from the disease. Immediately decided to apply it to yourself. We had to sew a flannel cloth 2 small pouch size 5x5 cm, pour in each of 3 tsp fennel seeds, place them in an enamel mug with water and boil 2 minutes. Then get the bags, give them a little bit cool, and attach to the patient's eyes. Top cover with a towel and lie down so 10-15 minutes. Makes the procedure should be for the night. The course of treatment - per month.

Without hesitation, I immediately sew 60 bags (for the whole treatment course), falling asleep in each of 3 tsp fennel seeds, sew and began the treatment. Every night before bed I put in an enamel mug with boiling water for 2 bags with seeds, boiling them for 2-3 minutes (they surfaced, but I utaplivala them without leaving the oven), take out at the plate, and then went to bed and put her for each eye bags. And kept warm compress to cool. Then he removed bags, tying his head with a handkerchief and covered his head with a blanket. It did not skip a single day a month. Do not cast a treatment, even when the men started to get inflamed eyes, appeared in their gripes, they become red and swollen. Gradually, all this has passed and it became easier. My vision is much improved. This was confirmed by inspection of eye ophthalmologists. Cataracts were not, and in its place there was only some kind of dot. But it does not bother me, still not complaining at sight.

When bought at the market fennel seeds, then bought them as much cut 5 large glasses. Half of the seeds had gone for treatment, but the second I gradually dispersed. Grind the seeds in the hand-mill, and then add this powder as a seasoning to any dish. Just grind and use as a seasoning and coriander seeds.

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