Wife method Kapustina saved. This is my story

I want to tell about how my wife to prevent the development of glaucoma ...

I want to tell about how my wife to prevent the development of glaucoma. In 2001 she was made 2 operations. Discharged with a warning that next year it may become blind. Where we have just not been accessed, the answer was one - blindness. In one of the newspapers read that in Odessa at the institute named after Filatov used for the treatment of eye diseases of Dr. Kapustin GA "Injections living matter of chicken eggs. This method gave excellent results, and so we decided to use it. So, we picked up treatment:

1. Slashed injections living matter of chicken eggs by the method of Dr. Kapustin GA

2. 1 tablespoon brewed dream-herb (lumbago spring) in a glass of water (to drink three doses during the day).

3. Buried aloe juice in the morning 1 drop each day. Drip 3 days, then take a break for 2 days. Juice dilute 1:1 with boiled water.

4. Get 2 small pouch size 5x5, preferably flannel cloth, and pour into each of 3 tsp fennel seeds. Place in an enamel dish and boiled for 2 minutes. Then these bags to get, give them cool slightly and apply to eyes. Top cover with a towel and lie down for 10-15 minutes, until cool. Doing the procedure on the night for a month. If you do not help, the treatment should continue.

5. At the same time making cleaning the body with phytomedication "Lockley", which consists of plantain seeds, fructose, pectin, apple, oat bran, gaurovaya gum, gum acacia, citric acid, cinnamon bark, seed oil, Sophora, broccoli flowers, turmeric root, leaves, rosemary, red beet, tomato, carrot, leaves of cabbage, Chinese cabbage, citrus bioflavnoidy. 1 tablespoon mixture diluted in a glass of cold water, stir, just drink and drink a glass of water. Take 30-60 minutes before eating.

6. To improve the elasticity and strength of brain vessels and capillary walls (this is important for eye diseases) use herbal remedies, made from the plant Ginkgo biloba, and preparation "PerfektAyz", made from blueberries.

That way we stopped the development of glaucoma and cataracts. Currently, intraocular pressure is held 19,5, 21,5. Points picked up 1,75. In answer any questions by phone and in letters.

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