Befallen my glaucoma. Wasted her own urine, home ...

Glaucoma I was defeated. I think my experience will help others and get rid of this disease ...

Good day, "Grandma"!

In its submission would like to share a technique of self.

Last spring, I had befallen glaucoma right eye. She was accompanied by incredible pain. At the hospital, where I asked for help, it was found that the film formed on the eye, creating a high intraocular pressure. The doctor suggested to remove it surgically. I refused surgery and decided to treat yourself.

Treatment began with the beginning of the week. First, in the evening washed large intestine using warmed urine, on Monday at 5 am drunk all the selected urine, and after half an hour drinking water. More throughout the day nor drink, no food is not accepted. In the evening, at 21.00, again drank urine, and an hour of water. Water to drink is essential, since the body really needs it. At 21.30, half an hour after taking the urine, eat a little grated vegetables or fruits. This food provides the body with high urine at night. This treatment I took 5 working days and on Saturday and Sunday to make a break. After 10 days of the fasting gradually shifted to the burying of the eye once a day urine. I stopped hurting my eyes, the film is resorbed, and the overall health has improved markedly. I now, despite my 80 years, read and work without glasses, but I continue to take urine and bury times a day his eyes.

Thus my glaucoma was defeated. I think my experience will help others and get rid of this disease.

Heal, believe in success and help the Lord, and you will win any ailment.

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