In the treatment of glaucoma using plants, lowering intraocular pressure ...

To quickly reduce glaucoma, use prescription drugs, which in these cases, all strictly individually selected, and, of course, heal people's means. Pour a glass of boiling water 1 tablespoon dry leaves and stems of nettles and let it brew for an hour. Strain and drink a 50 ml 3 times a day.

In the treatment of glaucoma using plants, lowering intraocular pressure. Grind and mix 50 g of birch leaves, cranberries, plantain, knotweed grass, succession, field horsetail and nettles, 100 g of herb St. John's wort and 150 g of fruits rowan and wild rose. 2 tablespoons Pour the mixture in a thermos of hot water 0,7 l, insist night and drink instead of tea. Every cook fresh infusion. Taking it to improve.

Glaucoma patients have to limit the salt and liquid (drink no more than 1-1,2 liters per day). It is recommended that a water-melons, grapes, pumpkin, fennel, mountain ash, currant, drink birch juice. Well, 2 times a year to 10 grams a day of flower pollen. Excellent results are obtained by placing on eyelids slices of fresh cucumbers, apricots or soaked dried apricots. On the morning after sleep should apply freshly plantain leaves.


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