Specific vision problems: how to watch television programs and movies

C using film and teleprosmotrov can improve vision. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to how you sit, what is your posture ...

The first law of states: "When the eye moves, he sees". No one can see a movie or television program, delivering a fun, if not give the opportunity to move his eyes. Therefore, these two types of pastimes will be good for the eyes only if you use the right eye. Moreover, using film and teleprosmotrov can improve vision. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to how you sit, what is your posture and how far you sit, when watching TV.

Sit down so that you will be comfortable and to not strain the eyes. If you watch a movie in the cinema, then your back - straight, long-sighted people do not sit in the second row, and goes back where his eyes more comfortable. Conversely, short-sighted in the cinema do not sit in the back row, and sit close enough to see without strain. So consider your TV as a home theater and home are seated according to their vision.

The human brain is capable of at a time to pay attention to just one thing, so when you watch it is desirable not to engage in other activities.

It is also necessary to take into account the time factor. In the theater you're attending a certain time: watched news, movie and go home. Frequency of visual attention, thus limited. A TV set (usually the way it is) looking for a few hours without a break. In this weak eyes do not give a rest or change the focus, and they are not available the next world, what they would have received in any other load.

Eyes should be to rest whenever possible, for example, whenever someone on screen says his monologue, or during commercials. It is possible to look at the image on the screen, memorize it, then close your eyes or, better yet, make

Fresh air is essential to your vision, so try to ensure that when viewing the TV room is well ventilated.

Films are useful for the eye. They facilitate the movement and vibration of nerves in the retina. Movie prevents scrutinize watching, which is one of the main causes of poor vision. Terms watching television and films:

- Sit down at a distance from the screen (closer or farther away), so it was convenient for your state view;

- Do not tilt your head forward, looking in that position on the screen;

- Often blink and breathe deeply. In the tense moments of action on the screen there is a tendency to delay their breath;

- Let the eyes move across the screen, instead of staring at some separate part of it;

- During the protracted scenes or during a break between movies gently shut the eyes for a short time to give them a rest, relax your muscles and nerves of the retina to back;

- Whenever the opportunity appears, take the center of the room, and not the side of the screen. For those who regains her eyesight, TV shows and movies are training for the eyes.

For myopic
Remove the glasses and make Palming. Sit close enough to the screen, so you could see what is happening on the screen, albeit vague, but enough to keep up with the development of the plot. Do not attempt to clarify the image, even if it moves by itself. Breathe deeply, travel across the screen, and soon the picture will become much clearer. During each viewing, take the same distance from the screen until the image on it would not really clear. Then you can move back a bit.

For farsighted
Remove glasses and find a place where you can see the screen without effort. Then, as we improve pododvigaytes closer to the screen. In the end, you should see equally well with any point of the room. Use all rules for a good view: blink, move, breath, short and slightly closing the eyes to relax the eyelids and eye muscles and views from time to time in darkness to give the rest the nerves in the retina.

If one eye has weaker vision (including the cases of squinting eyes)
For several minutes, cover your hand stronger eye and let the weaker eye to resort to his vision. If it is very eye squints, then turn on the spot in such a way as to make him go inside or outside (depending on your case). This way you will stimulate a vision of the center of view, rather than the edge of the retina. Movies and TV shows will benefit greatly from the reconstruction process of view if their view is correct.

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