How to do Palming

This exercise gives your eyes rest, relaxes muscles and simultaneously activates the nerve cells of the eye ...

Starting position: straighten the fingers of one hand and put his hand on the hollow eyes. Place the little finger of the other arm across the open grounds of four fingers of the first hand (the hand with the form something like an inverted V). Place little fingers crossing the grounds forms the earpiece, and should, accordingly, placed where there is usually on the nose earpiece. Dents hands while automatically be located just above the orbits of your eyes. During the exercise keep the eye closed. Eliminate the tension in your fingers, loosen the wrist, elbows. To do this, place it on the lap or table so that his neck was on the same line with the spine. You can put a pillow on his knees, and elbows on the pillow already.

If you need to bend forward, bend at the waist, but keep the candor in the neck and spine. The situation at the hands of one person will always differ from that of other palms. Try to find acceptable to you their position. When Palming sun spots and points will disappear.

During the exercise think about something pleasant - beautiful scenery, interesting case, a fascinating movie. When you take his hands from his eyes, the world must seem like brighter.

The duration of the exercise, start with just a dozen seconds. Even with his eyes shut with his hands for ten seconds, you will return to them during the busy day of a sense of relaxation. In doing so, you contribute to that feeling of relaxation will become your habit for a lifetime.

This exercise gives your eyes rest, relaxes muscles and simultaneously activates the nerve cells of the eye. Thus there is a relaxation and those tight muscles that retard the eyes in one direction or another, disrupting their alignment. You enliven the optic nerve and nerves of the retina. If you do Palming after irrigation eyes sunlight, you would like to shut him up in them for as long as the nerves of the retina is absorbed him. And it gives them strength and health, contributing in many cases, recovery of weak-sighted eyes.

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