Strengthen your vision a simple exercise

The number of people with visual impairments is increasing - a result of the influence of artificial lighting, televisions, computers, etc.

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

R & I want to touch upon the interests of millions of people. It's about our vision. The number of people with visual impairments is increasing - a result of the influence of artificial lighting, televisions, computers, etc.

Until this problem is solved mainly with glasses, but this is only a half measure! Also, wearing glasses, a man begins to see if better and no longer finds the need for treatment. But this is deceptive! The eyes should be treated, rather than help them to see with glasses.

Before you begin treatment, you need to understand the causes of the disease. What causes stress the eye muscles? Mental stress. That is, first of all need to learn to relax mentally and physically. Second, food. Malnutrition in 45-50 years often becomes the cause of presbyopia. But enough respect for ordinary post. Lenten fare contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the muscles and blood vessels, eyes - and the vision improves.

And most importantly - exercise. I must say: doing everything they can, regardless of age and causes of visual impairment. They require neither much time nor special devices. And the effect is simply wonderful!

1. Sitting on a chair, take a comfortable position and close your eyes with his hands so that the middle of his right hand was in front of the right eye, and middle left - in front of the left. Fingers crossed on his forehead, eyes do not push, elbow down on his knees and relax, trying not to think about anything. Than black before my eyes, the more they are weakened. Exercise perform 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes.

2. Stand in front of the window, feet shoulder width apart, arms down along the trunk. Select any object in the distance, look at him and start swinging, introducing himself pendulum. After a moment, close your eyes and continuing to wobble, is a "motion" pictures in the window. Open your eyes and again in a minute looking at things outside the window. This exercise should be performed 3 times a day for 5-10 minutes. When these two exercises, glasses should be shot.

3. Another way to relax the eyes - blinked. Healthy eyes blinking all the time - effortlessly and imperceptibly. When violations of the same blinking ceases to be automatic - we blinked deliberately convulsively. People who have bad eyesight, should develop a habit of blinking 2-3 times every 10 seconds (this is especially important during the reading). The habit should be brought to the automatism so that blinking did not require effort.

4. During the wash bend over the sink, type in the palm of cold water (not just cool, but it was cold), bring to a person at a distance of about 2 cm and a splash on the closed eyes, repeat the procedure 20 times. Then within a minute wipe closed eyes with a towel. This procedure increases the tone of eye muscles and in addition gives the eyes sparkle.

5. In the evening, do another procedure. Take 2 pieces of soft tissue, a soak in hot water, the second - in the ice. Apply a hot cloth to the eyes and hold for 2 minutes, then immediately ice - for 1 minute. This procedure is very relaxing.

6. Consider carefully any object, note its size, shape, details. When you will get a clear mental picture, close your eyes, and try to imagine seen in every detail. Then again, consider the subject again, close your eyes, etc. Exercise to do without glasses every day for five minutes.

You can view the word or letter in the book. When closing your eyes, try to word appeared before his eyes. Gradually you will find that words and letters are as distinct, darker, you will make less effort to read them. Repeat several times with one word, then several times with others.

7. The most eye strain occurs during reading. And at the same time reading - the best way to train the eyes. The main thing - to read without strain. Cover your eyes with his hands for a few minutes, then take the book, keep it at such a distance, where you can see text better, and start reading. If you are nearsighted, you'll keep the book at a distance of 15-30 cm from the eye. With farsightedness most convenient to read from a distance of 60 cm or more.

In cases of severe myopia might need to read with one eye, because the distance is too small. In this case it is better to cover the other eye on the time to read and rotate their eyes when they get tired. Try to read more so as the eye, which sees worse.

In conclusion: if you want to recover, then you have enough time and patience to perform these exercises. Treatment just becomes part of your life at some time. The main thing - to want and believe in success. As I learned from experience.

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