Ate raw liver - three days opened!

His story I want to help those who suffer from night blindness

Hello, "Grandma!

His story I want to help those who suffer from night blindness.

Back in my youth I worked in the city of Mariupol at "Iron & Steel Works" and simultaneously studied at the factory workers' school. After graduation he entered the Saratov Institute road. He lived in a hostel and the institute, as many students work part-time loader. Basically had to carry sacks of flour and cement. The work was a dusty, mostly at night, and as a result of a month I became very badly to see at night.

Because of this, stopped going dancing, which on weekends and holidays were conducted in our institute. They came and the girls from the hostel Medical Institute, which was located next to us. On one evening I met with one of these girls and then danced only with her. One evening, seeing that I stopped going to dances, the girl came to me in the hostel. When I told her the reason for his disappearance, she said:

- Yes you have night blindness! Go in the morning at the market and buy beef liver. Skip all of its crude through a meat grinder, add a little onion, bay leaf and then eat the cooked mass. You'll see, vision will return.

I decided to follow her advice. As a result - after 3 days opened! More night-blindness does not bother me.

That such a life story. If my experience is someone else to help cope with this unpleasant disease, will be very happy.

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