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In bright sun vesennemo dark glasses should be worn, and look through the closed eyelids. That is, direct gaze, without opening his eyes to the sun and rotate eyeball up and down (raising eyebrows), and by only 3-5 minutes, then turn his eyes to the side, open it and you'll see these colors - a miracle, seeing better the sun does not blind.

I'm from such exercises for 15 minutes early spring of 2003, vision was 100% true, for about three hours. I read the fine print without glasses, which in glasses before she could not read. And in the evening spectacles 3,5 diopters me again proved useful, but if I'm not too lazy to type it in everyday practice, it would have already had excellent vision. Still, before dinner, I can read without glasses, and late in the evening rather difficult.

And if you eat a handful of pumpkin seeds, then again, even in the evening reading with glasses 2,5. This means that the seeds and help the visually impaired, and the sun kills germs in the eyes, but the stress! - Closed eyelids.