If the headache is necessary to take fresh butter, one that housewives banging themselves, and rub it into the scalp. Oils do not regret. At night, cover with thin layer of the head with a layer of paper and tie a handkerchief. Should be done just as much as needed to completely passed headache.

Потрібно rozbiti egg in a cup, filled with alkali Yogo kiplyachim milk енергійно розмішуючи. Yakscho priymati Qiu sumish skin of the day, the breakfast hour, you can pozbavitisya від постійних headaches болів. Головні болі takozh znikayut, yakscho leather day vzhivati горіхи, ізюм, dried apricots.

If it is concentrated in the forehead, you can try to remove it a gentle massage of the forehead and temples, which is performed with the fingertips, lightly moistened with "Menovazinom, camphor alcohol or Vietnamese balm" Golden Star "- that would be handy.

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