Allergy grandchildren suffered: water, melt it drove

Melt water from the body displays all the allergens. To prepare it, you need to pour into a saucepan of cold water and without leaving the dishes, put it in the freezer

Hello, "Grandma!

Share a vital story that will help allergy sufferers find faith in recovery.

So, in 1984, when my grandson was five years old, he contracted pneumonia which developed into suppurative pleurisy. The child was placed in Zaporizhia Oblast Children's Hospital. There he broke through the lungs and pumped them pus, and antibiotics were administered. The boy took them so much that it triggered a drug allergy. My whole body was covered with itchy rash grandson, and his body refused to accept at least some food. And then my niece, who lives in Donetsk and working there a doctor advised me to take a cure meltwater. Grandson of drinking it every day, not missing a single day, for three months. His body had cleared, and again an appetite. Now his grandson 28 years. More allergy had not been, and in general health problems do not arise.

Second to my grandson 19 years. Allergy had appeared in 2006. The disease manifested a constant cough, continuous whole-body itching, and vomiting. None of drugs produced no improvement. Then I advised her grandson medical treatment meltwater. He agreed. The water was preparing himself, and then drank it. After some time he had all returned to normal.

Melt water from the body displays all the allergens. To prepare it, you need to pour into the pan 2-3 liters of cold water and without closing the lid dishes, putting it at 7 o'clock in the freezer. During this time the water covered with a thin ice crust. It is necessary to break it in parallel with the two parties 2 holes and pour water over them in a dish. Ice throw. Drain again, pour into the pan and not laying the lid, again put in the freezer, but at 22 hours. Water freezes completely. Pot should be removed and put on the table. After 10 minutes of ice formed around the dew. It should be removed with a cloth, and then wait until the ice melts at room temperature. Melt water formed is taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach 0,5-1 glass. Drink it all day, instead of plain water and other beverages. Water is a very pleasant taste and very useful.

Young children with diathesis advise you to give 2-3 times a day on the tip of a knife powder of eggshell. To wash down his 0.5 tbsp freshly prepared lemon juice. Usually 4-5 days sickness passes.

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