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The newspaper № 49 (300) reader asks for advice on treatment of her granddaughter, who almost a year and coughs very often sick with bronchitis ...

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

The newspaper № 49 (300) from December 6, 2005 Larissa A. Kalashnik of Kharkiv region asks for advice on the treatment of her five granddaughters, who for nearly a year and coughs very often sick with bronchitis. No medications and trips to the sea it does not help. After reading this request, I first wanted to send their suggestions directly to the addressee, but then thought that they could help someone else and wrote a letter to the newspaper.

If this is indeed bronchitis, then perhaps you too coddle his granddaughter. This is a mistake many moms know from my own. I was at one time the doctor said we should wear a child as well as dress himself, or the child is sweating heavily.

Usually after swimming mom puts her baby in pajamas, but more and flannel, and if the winter is everything and a warm blanket wraps. This is wrong. The child and so warmed swimming, it's very hot in a bed, he was very sweaty, and, of course, is revealed. And opened up and turned on his side, he immediately catches cold as wet from sweat pajamas begins to cool, becomes cold and touching the back of the child, leads to a cold. As a consequence, just a day the child begins to cough. And this is repeated after each swim.

Do not wear much of the child and a walk. We, the adults, it seems that it is cold outside, but we do not move as kids. We are sitting or standing, and the child runs. And it turns out that he sweats, then cools down and cold. So wear a child easily and constantly checks to see whether it wet clothes. If a child is sweating, you must immediately change out of his, or if not possible, put a shirt under his dry handkerchief.

In the apartment the child must walk barefoot or in socks. This will be a kind of hardening of the cold.

Someone will take all of my instructions for truisms. But I, already having a second child, she was wrong, until one night when he saw that his son was discovered, not approached and felt his back (he was lying on its side). As a result found cold and wet pajamas. Only then I realized why a child after each bathing bronchitis. Then I began to follow all the above recommendations. Son ceased to ache.

These tips will help if the child really catches cold, but may be another cause of cough. Attacks of bronchitis can cause allergies, are available in your apartment. They can be household dust, hairs blankets, clothing, carpets, feather, feathers, pet hair, food for fish and more. May cause coughing and food allergens.

So first of all I advise to visit the allergist, who will make a sample to identify the allergen and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

My son was too long a diagnosis - bronchitis with asthmatic component. As a result, the child developed allergic asthma. And then only we were sent to the allergist. He appointed his son medicine "Inta". And it saved him from allergies.

But even before the visit to the doctor must remove the child from the room all the carpets, the bed all duvets and pillows. Every day things shake out the dust, a damp cleaning, not wearing knitted woolen things. We'll have to part with pets, if any, in your home. Also delete from the child's diet fruit red and orange.

I am sure that by following my advice, you will soon cure her granddaughter, my dear Larisa A..

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