Pneumonia Treatment

I could not believe the explanation of the doctor and decided to check on her granddaughter ultrasound. Result - basal pneumonia ...

One day my granddaughter got sick of ARI. Treated her with home remedies and seemingly cured, but the cough still occasionally troubled child. Consult a physician. He listened, examined the girl said that she had all the normal, and advised bring their child's summer at sea. But it produced nothing, 1-2 times a day cough recurred.

I myself am a health worker, and me, of course, it's alarming. And so I began to notice that the child tires easily, often lies down to rest, and occasionally he has fever. Again, go to a doctor, but he again said not to worry, and the temperature, they say, rises from the fact that a girl 8 years old, she starts to come into force on endocrine glands and is overloading the body.

I did not believe this explanation and decided to check on her granddaughter ultrasound. Result - basal pneumonia. The girl was taken to a hospital and began the complex treatment of expensive antibiotics, fizprotsedurami etc. After the treatment course of her condition seemed to be improved, but the cough still remains. The doctor said it was a reaction to the accumulation in it of various medicines, but the month of outpatient treatment and eliminate this nuisance. Unfortunately, and home health rate, even though child missed because of this 3 month school year, did not bring any changes ...

In the summer again went with her granddaughter at sea. Then it calmed down a little state, but the cough did not pass. And so for three years. Due to illness the girl for 2-3 months did not attend school, and then we decided to treat it yourself. Within 7 days every 4 hours it was injected intramuscularly to 300000 units "penicillin" in a day banks and put mustard and drink hot milk with honey and butter, and 2 times a day, she drank in small sips of hot boiled water (the temperature of such to avoid burns). Every evening rubbing granddaughter legs, from the foot and to the pelvis, "triple" cologne. And this year our work was successful - the child began to recover. The girl had an appetite, and fatigue disappeared, she grew up, recovered and was again active and healthy girl.