When my daughter was sick - a child because she treated me

His letter to address to all mothers who have faced or still face one of the most common diseases of children - intestinal dysbiosis ...

Hello, "Grandma!

His email address to all mothers who have experienced or may yet face with one of the most common diseases of children - intestinal dysbiosis.

Now my daughter Masha 5 years. It has a healthy and happy child. And how much we suffered, God knows. When Masha turned six months, I began to notice that she had frequent stools. When trying to attach it to her breast, she at first eagerly grabbed the nipple, and then began to cry, pull away and stop sucking. By Kalu was evident that milk is not digested. When on the cheeks and tummy rash appeared, I rushed to the doctor. We passed all tests, and we diagnosed - dysbacteriosis. The doctor had "sensitized" conversation with me, told me to stop breastfeed and go to the dry mixture, threatened that my child will suffer lifelong intestinal sores.

But she did not, I went to the pharmacy for medicine, but to the parents
At the family council decided not to "poison" the child and be treated independently
My mother consulted with her friends who have had similar problems, but I also stocked up on all sorts of tips and recipes
My friend, whose child is a year older than my Masha, advised not to quit breast-feeding because breast milk contains antibodies against harmful microbes
I also cooked Mashenka broth from 3 parts rowan and 1 part calamus root
1 tbsp
mixture flooded glass of cold boiled water, insisted hour and drove the fire to boil
Then strained and gave the child to 1 tablespoon
broth to 5 times a day before feeding
I tried not to overfeed the girl and has increased the time between feedings
Here and treated
Manifestations of the disease was becoming less and less
The only pharmacy drug that we recognized was "Bifidumbacterin"
Taking it's not dangerous, because it contains useful micro-organisms, which lack the gut

More talk about a brew that Masha loves. This drink affects patient intestines as well as sea bathing the whole body. To prepare it, it is necessary to wash the lemon and cut it into thin rings (with skin), add 400 g of honey, 400 g of raisins, pour a mixture of 4 liters of cold boiled water, which is tentatively to add 10 g of yeast (not imported) and 1 tablespoons rye flour. Leave the mixture on the day, and then top up with another 1 liter of boiled water. When the raisins and lemon slices will be on the surface, drain and pour into bottles kvass. Put (it is put!) Them in the refrigerator. Kvas can drink in 2-3 days. At first I gave him a child of 2 tablespoons 3 times a day, and now she is drinking 2-3 glasses of kvas daily. I think that this drink - the best way to prevent the disease.

Do not be afraid of the diagnosis "dysbacteriosis, all is not so scary. Listen to the maternal instincts, and everything will be fine.

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