Protect your child from hernias and diarrhea

As soon as you come with your child from the hospital, knead dough for bread, put the tightly sealed bottle, filled with freshly squeezed juice of red beet

And this advice to young mothers. Once you come with the child after discharge from the hospital back home, he immediately knead dough for bread, place in a tightly sealed bottle from the penicillin, full of fresh juice of red beet and bake in the oven from the test breads. Then remove from the finished loaf with a bottle of juice and start to give his child. First, give 1 drop of juice, dissolved in 1 tsp breast milk, and then every day add to the drop. When your child turns a month, you can give him is indissolved beet juice, but also drop by drop. So you protect your child from hernia and diarrhea. I have their children fed these drugs, and never, until they were young, do not treat them in hospital.

May God bless all health!

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