To be healthy, dear mother, your little children - and Wani, and Masha

I want to help my child, ill enuresis ...

Hello, "Grandma!

I want to help the baby, suffering from enuresis.

I treated my child like that. She took prikoron who pripinayut to pasture goats, slaughtered him in a shed in the land, and when the child urinated in a jar, and pulled prikoron, poured into the hole from a child's urine, and again scored prikoron back. Enuresis the child has passed the first time, but for sure I made the same way another 9 times.

If you can not cure a child in this way, drill a hole in the tree, move the child to a tree, and let him in her pee. Then plug the hole should be a plug or just a sprig. Enuresis leave.

Health for all baby, as well as their parents!