Mother of three children says that all the children of her body struck fungus Candida ...

Mother of three children from Novovolynsk Volyn region says that all the children of her body struck the fungus Candida, and requests the council in the treatment of this unpleasant disease.

First of all, you should clean the child to the liver and intestine. For this we must drink his tea from calendula and chamomile. Do 3 times a week warm klizmochki with these herbs. Also, give him drink 10 days to 3 times a week for 1 teaspoon "Calcium Chloride". After eating 2 times a day your child should take 3 tablets "activated charcoal". Within 10-15 days of daily 2 times a day he should drink 1 tablet "Cars. Three months let the baby 3 times a day 1 tablet "Spirulina." Reassess its nutrition, lubricate the body "Tykveol", "Travokortom", "Holisalom, bathe in a strong broth.

Being treated, dear readers. I'm always ready to help you.

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