Bowel Incontinence child

We came home and started to implement the recommendations of Professor. For 4 months we are healthy, which is what all want!

Hello, dear "Grandma"!

I hasten to share with you, as a faithful friend, their joys. To begin with, that for my birthday my husband gave me a subscription to all editions of "Grandma" and this gift was for me the most expensive, for now do not have to run around town and pick one piece of newspaper, magazine or bibliotechke to find a some helpful advice or a prescription.

Recently I contacted a "Granny" for help. Requested that the good people helped me advice on how to deal with incontinent feces, which affects my grandson. It's a lot of letters from all over Ukraine and Russia and Moldova. I bow to all who responded to my pain! How nice to know that there are still people who care about other people's misfortunes, finding time, money and a kind word to help our neighbor. Let the cares of the Lord!

But ... assistance was not required. The fact that turning in a newspaper asking, besides, I decided to drop everything and go with his grandson on a survey in Odessa Children's Diagnostic Center of Resnick. As it turned out, a narrow specialist, that is proctologist, there was not, and at your own risk, I signed up with the boy to a surgeon. I had to sit in a huge queue, but what can you do, then everybody should be treated.

Took us an old professor. He thoroughly questioned everything, and then concentrated for a long time felt the boy's stomach, and then, looking sternly, began to issue direction to the regional hospital. But soon put down his pen, noticing that my handkerchief was wet from the stream of tears, and said:

- You, Grandma, try this. Upon arriving home, take a mug douches, pour it into 500 grams of pure boiled water and make her grandson to sleep deep enema. And so every evening. In the morning, as soon as the boy wakes up, immediately put him on the pot, producing a reflex. Let the body gets used to this procedure, because your grandson is a long time alone did not go to pot, all remained in his pants. Be persistent and patient. A focus on the safe side Save your suddenly need.

We came home and started to implement the recommendations of professors, but still in the first week of shifts for the better was not - scatacratia continued. Then we decided to increase the number of drink of water for enemas, douches pouring into a mug of 700-800 g of liquid and making the procedure not only in the evening, but in the morning. The experiment was a success - a sharp improvement occurred, panties grandson all day to stay clean. To cure it took us nearly 20 enemas. For 4 months we are healthy, which is what all desire.

I hope that my story to give hope to all people suffering from incontinence of feces. Try. Of course, adults should fill the cup more water douches. Please be patient and everything will be fine.

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