Mumijo, pollen, honey, herbs - for health, for the correction!

The people mumiyo dosing quantity of wheat grain and consume 1-2 times a day. The doctors give him a dose of 2 g or designate, on the basis of information about the patient's body weight. Contraindications for such doses mummy has.

Hello, dear "Grandma"!
The reason for writing this letter served as the confusion of medicines that has developed over the past 10-15 years. Drugs in our time become so numerous that a man lost in the choice, not knowing how to give preference. Difficulties there are those who have decided to take the difficult path of healing - they just do not know where to start. And here I am often asked: "What a drug initially prefer?". I always answer: "It is preferable to select those drugs that are time tested.
Take the pharmacology. Which only drugs or had fallen on people's heads for its three hundred-year existence! People are no longer in their orientation. At one time even existed a view that is curing itself, without drugs. But let's remember the "Aspirin", or rather his tenacity. Let it not the most important and most valuable among modern medical drugs, but he passed the test of time.
Even more long-lived, I can name mummy. The age of this medication is not counted in hundreds, but thousands of years - a half millennium has passed since then, as he rose to the defense of the human body to fight disease. It is about a mummy, which is used by both doctors and traditional healers, I would like to talk in more detail.
In the eighties of the twentieth century was all the rage these drugs. Used it and patients, and healthy, except a remedy for all diseases. Then, fashion has presented ginseng and pushed mummy into the background. More fancy new drugs drove him into the shade. But then again mummy was to assert itself. Suffice it to recall that on several occasions it has met the publication of "Granny". Indeed, this drug does not just send in unconsciousness. But what we know about mummy?
The very origin of the mummy is still shrouded in an aura of mystery. He was considered a product of oil, fossilized feces of insects, excreta of rodents and birds. How many people - so much and opinions. At the science stopped believing that there is a mummy mineral, animal, vegetable, oil. To us, mere mortals, grabs, and legends. First, on earth lived giant devs who have to consider themselves demi-gods. Angry gods in punishment for their pride created man, and devam had to hide in the mountains, where they are numb from boredom. But the stones left their soul, and continues to grieve and cry. Tears coming out of stone, too, harden and form a life-giving balsam. The man who has found a tear, gaining a cure for all ills. That's such a legend about the mummy there in the mountains of Tian Shan.
And in the Caucasus told differently. When the mighty titan Prometheus was chained to a rock and cried in pain, and even then, despite the suffering, he decided to help people. The tears and blood of Prometheus became life-giving minerals.
Let not scientific - but poetic! It was nice to be treated tears mighty Prometheus, rather than a set of calcium oxide, strontium, phosphorus, potassium, and beryllium.
By the way, the chemical composition of mummy. It is present 25-27 different chemical elements. Mumijo has many varieties, but they all have the same chemical composition and differ only in the relations of its parts. Therefore, different minerals are different and antimicrobial activity. But any mumiyo detrimental to microbes, even for those that are not valid "Penicillin".
The rapid healing of wounds, even existed a legend.
In ancient times the king had met at the hunting of wild goat, through the shattered boom. But the goat, as if nothing had happened to graze. Everything went so far that the king ordered the wise men to find out why the animal is not killed, and the healed. Three years of persistent searching sages have found the answer and was told that in the mountains of the cracks of rocks flowing black balsam. His licking animals and birds pecking. And heal their sickness, heal wounds and place was broken bones.
So the legend tells of finding human mummy and his miraculous power. But the legend - a legend, but the examples taken from life.
My friend at work had cut severely broken jar of palm, which immediately processed powerful solution mummy. A week later she went to had no bandages, as the wound was perfectly snug, had gnoynikovyh inflammation. I had something to compare. Two years before my son was in the maritime campaign received the same wound, and the ship's doctor placed a bandage him with "Linimetovoy" ointment. The bandage son took two weeks, but the wound is completely healed for a month.
The woman, who lives two streets above us, already eighty-year old woman, broke her leg. Six weeks later she had already dispensed with the crutches. Fiction? No. Simply healing properties mummy makes old body by strengthening young regeneration. It is believed that in the mummy is the building material for the restoration of bones.
That's what he wrote about the famous mummy Avicenna: "Mumijo - mineral wax. Has dilution and absorbing properties and actions. Mountain wax in the form of drinking and rubbing - is a perfect remedy for pain associated with dislocation and fracture, in case of a fall, with a total paralysis of the facial nerve. Besides his view that the mummy strengthens the stomach and facilitates breathing. And this is true, as the collectors of this gift from the earth all in one voice assured that after a trial on the language for a long time feel cheerful. But hungry.
I used often mummy in veterinary practice. Hatcheries chicks, as you know, very weak, and sometimes they kill up to half a week. The strongest case is when baked chicken backs and necks. I smeared this place with a weak solution, and the case was stopped. In one case, even if only one survived when all 100%. And how many times had to treat skin diseases of rabbits, cats, dogs! Most of all I remember the case when we had to treat a neighbor fighting cocks with a broken skull. The effect was stunning. A month later, a rooster standing on legs as if he had never been mutilated, and a month later he became the champion in cockfights.
After this brief excursion into the affairs of bygone days turn to practical recipe for this sort of natural alloy of various substances.
So, the people mumiyo dosing quantity of wheat grain and consume 1-2 times a day. The doctors give him a dose of 2 g or required number of mummy appointed on the basis of information about the patient's body weight: 70 kg - 0.2 g to 80 kg - 0,25 g to 90 kg - 0.3 g, 90 kg - 0,5 g contraindications for such doses mummy has. Due to its high solubility, is used inside the mummy dissolved in juice, water, milk. For exterior use is particularly good result gives the simultaneous use of inward and outward.
1. In gastric ulcer, gastro-intestinal tract, digestive tract - ingestion on an empty stomach 1-2 times a day for 25 days and re-treatment after 10 days. Mumijo desirable to dilute the milk in the ratio 1:20.
2. When fractures of bones, joints, with chest injuries, sprains, bruises, ulcers, fistulas, burns, cuts apply mummy inside, along with grinding of the affected places. Treatment course - 25-28 days.
3. Bone tuberculosis processes. Here the ingestion of 0.1 g twice a day for 25 days with recurrence after a ten-break. Mumijo desirable to dissolve the honey, as well as in the proportion of milk - 1:20.
4. Purulent otitis media - inflammation of the middle ear. Bury the mummy of 0,4 g in a mixture of rose oil in the ratio of 1:10 twice a day, morning and evening. Excellent tool. Enhanced hearing, enhanced outflow of pus.
5. When purulent ulcers lubricate wounds ten percent solution.
6. In bronchial asthma, it is desirable to gargle solution. Inside take 0.2 g of the mixture with milk, beef fat and honey.
7. When eczema steam thoroughly hands or feet in water bath in a five percent solution mummy, taking 2 times a day to 0.2 g by mouth with blackcurrant juice. When eczema requires regular treatment.
In other healing products can be called long-lived products of beekeeping. Honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly - a biostimulants for all occasions. Even the air, where they live bees, full of a life-giving energy, and therefore have only a human presence near the hives, improves health, increases vitality, resistance to disease.
Honey is generally considered a universal remedy. The ancient Greeks believed that the gods of Olympus were immortal, because their food was - ambrosia, and drink - nectar. Honey takes pride of place among the food with its own set of medical properties in the Ancient Egypt - 3500 years ago. Even then, doctors have pointed out that honey helps the treatment of wounds, gastrointestinal, renal and other diseases. It can be used in the form of ointments, lotions, pills, drinks.
Medolecheniyu paid attention to many scientists. It is difficult to find a medical reference, where about honey would not be words. But most often referred to a generalized - honey. But what honey? When we buy honey as sweet, we define exactly what we need honey: buckwheat, podsolnuhovy, lime. Exactly the same approach should be the treatment. Every beekeeper knows that honey stores herbal properties of plants, from the nectar of which it is made. Therefore, different honey helps the treatment of various diseases. Linden - from influenza, common cold, sore throat. Honey from Leonurus - from insomnia and heart disease. Podsolnuhovy honey - from stomach ulcers. Mountain honey from diseases of the joints. Buckwheat honey cleanses the blood and is useful in heart disease. Most need to be attentive to poliflornomu or, as we say, meadow honey. Here honey, honey strife. Take that honey, which is going on meadows Merry Kuta. Truly the gift of God: and the color and smell, and taste. For people with high blood pressure, suffering from insomnia or nervous disorders, the best honey, probably will not find. Otedesh 50 km further, and have not honey such as meadows, like, identical.
And a few practical tips:
1. When hypertension. 1 tablespoon buckwheat honey, 1 cup of beet juice, 1 tablespoon horseradish and juice of one lemon. Take 1 tbsp a mixture of 2 times a day for an hour before a meal.
2. When angina. 1 tablespoon linden honey and 1 tablespoon daisies fill a quarter of a liter of boiling water. Gargle 4 times a day.
3. For the treatment of various wounds and ulcers used decoctions of herbs with the addition of any of honey:
a) a tablespoon Cudweed pour one cup of boiling water and insist 30 minutes, then add 1 tablespoon honey, the mixture is washed the wound, the same recipe, only with the addition podsolnuhovogo honey can be taken orally for 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before a meal with a stomach ulcer with high acidity;
b) 50 g of eucalyptus leaves, pour a half liter of water and boil for 30 minutes, add 2-3 tablespoons of honey, used as a lotion for wounds.
4. In cardiovascular diseases useful buckwheat, pustyrnikovy honey infusion hips. 1 tablespoon dry rosehip pour a glass of boiling water and boil 10 minutes. Add a spoonful of honey and take on a teaspoon 2-3 times a day.
5. To clean the vessels. Mix the cup dill seeds with two tablespoons of valerian root and two cups of buckwheat honey. Next, fill the mixture in a thermos and pour boiling water so that the total amount It is highly was equal to two liters. Insist day, take a spoonful of half an hour before a meal, while infusion were finished.
The same approach should be used when the pollen. But be careful with it. It is useful only fresh. A little stagnant pollen can bring irreparable harm to health.
With regard to bee venom, here we can immediately say that the beekeepers will never suffer diseases of the joints. They run a saying: "Whom sting, and that zhaluyut". Studies also showed that pchelouzhalivanie reduces inflammation of the joints, relieves high blood pressure, arrhythmia and salt deposits. But there is one little "but". This applies not only pchelouzhalivaniya, but any use of bee products. Before using them for medicinal purposes, check the reaction of the organism to them. If you have any allergies - especially beware! People die, and one bite of a bee. Even the air coming from the hives, can enter human fainting. The poison can be cured joints you can expand the liver. My son makes up to 60 bites - is his limit. But let us trace the process itself. After 15 bites tumor stagnates and goes bad after 25 - pulse quickens strongly after 40 - already there is a slight dizziness and nausea, there is a sharp pain in the liver, 60 bites - it is presyncope. And this is a person who is engaged in bee-keeping for 7 years. Of course, he does not allow so many bites, but beekeepers know that "keep bees - do not lie in the shade." If you move or transport to the migrations, when removing the swarm, when viewed during starvation can get more bites. And getting them to 5-10 in just one time. But I repeat: the son of seven years working bees, and ordinary people that he has seen after 45 bites may occur after the first.
As for me, I stand the pain, and one bite, but from a long stay in a room with honeycombs begins to get a headache. When they bite I put lotion from the urine of one-year exposure, and the pain quickly desist, just as quickly passes and swelling.
The safest of bee products - is propolis. He never causes allergy. It is used to treat open wounds, carbuncles, abscesses, open sores, varicose veins, burns, frostbite, for pain relief gum in pulmonary tuberculosis.
Now the fashion is royal jelly. Its medicinal properties that I first became convinced of three years ago, when me came to visit his nephew in Baku. I have not seen him for eight years. In his youth he was very fond of girls. And then, when asked about the girls and waved his hand and replied with the words of the song: "First of all planes." Fortunately for him, he came to visit in time, when the bees started to swarm. Besides his son made a few shots for the withdrawal of females. The nephew was to eat two unprinted mother plantation twice a day for 10 days. Already on the eighth day, rushed to the rendezvous. After he sent a letter in which he said the following: I'm back in the sea of love at full sail. So those who suffer from impotence, I advise to try this remedy.
For example, mummy and bee products can be seen that there are tools that help a person in treatment. And even medicine, which went on chemical and synthetic way, recognizes their therapeutic effect and gives them no less attention than the people. How could it be otherwise? Best Pharmacist - this is nature. They say that God created man, I forgot to create parts to it, but then you can put it this way: God sent to man those diseases which were already drugs.

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